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Miguel at 28wBefore you choose a professional dog trainer, you need to be clear WHY you seek a trainer, because a professional dog trainer will cost you something. - If the "trainer" does it for free then typically because (s)he knows (s)he cannot charge money for that kind of "skill".

Your key considerations should be not what you want but what you need:

  • Do you need more socialization for your dog? - Almost certainly YES! Then paying a professional dog trainer is a waste of money, they cannot rectify lack of socialization! Instead, organize social meetups with other dog owners or consciously walk your dog where you know many dogs are being walked. If your dog shows dog-dog behavior problems, slowly accustom your dog, one dog at a time, starting at a distance.
  • Do you rather need someone to look after your dog because your dog's behavior suggests boredom? - Likely YES! Then hire a dog walker if you don't have enough time for your dog. Better even, arrange with fellow dog owners "Today you look after my dog, the day after tomorrow I'll look after your dog"!
  • Or do you need advice how to say, stop dog aggression, dog biting, excessive barking, or chewing, digging, running off, or the like? - Then you need to go back to either or both of the above points(!), and in addition you need to study such advice, from a genuine expert! You don't need a local trainer for that - who almost certainly is NOT an expert anyway.

So go through the above to identify what you really need. More often than not, this is different to what you want (same for me and for everyone). And if you realize you need to study expert advice to stop some problematic dog behavior, then you can do that MUCH cheaper and better than booking a local professional dog trainer with questionable skill. Note here that none of the professional dog trainer "certifications" has any bearing whatsoever as concerns dog training skill: We receive THOUSANDS of complaints from dog owners who booked an paid for professional dog trainers and certified behaviorists etc, and apparently they left the dog worse than before!

In fact, we found again and again that MUCH cheaper and better dog training you can do yourself when and while you look over the shoulder of a proven TOP dog trainer like Doggy Dan Abdelnoor.

So today, you no longer need a local professional dog trainer, but if you are biased (or stubborn?) and want one nonetheless, then below you find the niche directories of Professional Dog Trainers in general, and German Shepherd Dog Trainers in particular - but be aware that NONE of those have been reviewed.

To help you find a specific professional dog trainer or even a specific German Shepherd dog trainer in your neighborhood, we have built the following niche directories:

However note: Even if there is a resident professional dog trainer in your area, most likely you will find it prohibitively expensive to book more than a couple of hours, and the quality of the local trainer will be very much questionable! We have seen more harm done than benefits gained from the average professional dog trainer. So I thought you may appreciate that we share here with you our (normally members-only) insider info about professional dog training.

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