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German Shepherd Dog Labrador Retriever mix

Our puppy is only 10 weeks and totally amazing with house training. She loves children and has a happy sweet laid back personality. I cannot get over how easy house breaking her has been. And she listens when I say no! Dream dog!

weve found the sheprador to be an excellent fit with our family. he listens very well to commands, excellent with our young son and also excellent with our cats. hes a very fun loving dog :)

My baby is a German Sheprador and he is the biggest, floppiest, sweetest, pup ever. I'm a stay at home mom so I have spent a lot of time with him and began training him from the start. He is excellent with my kids and potty trained very quickly. He weighs in at 68 pounds at 7 months old. So training was and still is important. He is a cuddle bug and loves his babies (toys/stuffed animals) and eats anything that is a treat, very food driven!

By: April Saari | 5 / 5 | 2 months ago

I just got my Jack he is a chocolate color but all the other features stand out of the mom black Labrador retriever and the dad German shepherd he is 11 weeks old now and 25lbs and fully potty trained I am so happy with this breed he has brought light to my life where there was a little darkness

All I can is WOW! We had a black Sheprador (Jake) and he was the absolute BEST DOG EVER! His mom was full black Lab and his dad was full German Shepard. I hate to admit it, but when we first looked at the litter of puppies we got him from, I didn't really want a dog. Boy am I thankful my wife and kids talked me into it. He followed me around on my riding mover, loved all the snow snacks my snow blower threw at him, sat by the door waiting for me to get home from work, NEVER growled or showed his teeth to my wife, me or my kids, never ran away, turned sticks into mulch, loved riding in the bed of the truck as well as riding in the cab with me laying his head on my lap while I drove, and was VERY affectionate. As weird as it sounds, he also loved shower drinks. That boy was obsessed with getting drinks from the shower, we called him an aquaholic. I swear he knew the English language by the time he was a year old. I could go on forever on how much of a good boy he was. He was also protective of the house. We were having work done on the inside of the house and we forgot to put him in the spare bedroom when we left for work. The workers were trying to feed him their lunches through the cracked door but he wanted nothing to do with the food. It took my sister-in-law to go over and as soon as he saw her his demeanor did a complete 180 and allowed the workers to come in. We had to put him down a few days ago and it's really been hard. It's going to be a long, long time before I even begin to get over the loss. He was my best friend for almost 14 years, but as of late he was in a lot of pain with his rear hips and knees. Once some time passes I will, without a doubt be looking for another Sheprador, but I seriously doubt any of them will ever be able to live up to my Jakey. That boy set the bar to a whole new level. We miss you buddy.

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