German Shepherd Dog commands

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  • NO or STOP to make your dog stop doing whatever (s)he is doing right now
  • SIT to make your dog sit at the current position
  • DOWN to make your dog lie down at the current position
  • STAND to make your dog stand up when (s)he is in Sit or Down position
  • OFF to make your dog get off the item (s)he currently occupies
  • STAY to make your dog stay at the current position
  • GO to make your dog start walking or running
  • FOCUS to make your dog focus on you and not be distracted
  • SPEAK to make your dog bark
  • QUIET to make your dog stop any whining or barking
  • HEEL to remind your dog to walk next to you, on either side, at your pace
  • BITE to make your dog bite into a given object
  • OUT or DROP IT to make your dog release onto the ground any item (s)he has in the mouth
  • HOLD to make your dog hold in the mouth whatever (s)he is biting on
  • FOLLOW to make your dog walk slightly behind you

Basic dog commands that only apply to off-leash training:

  • COME to make your dog come towards you
  • GO OUT or OUTSIDE to make your dog leave the crate, kennel, room, or house
  • GO IN or INSIDE to make your dog enter the crate, kennel, room, or house

Now, on to the advanced dog commands!

Advanced Dog Commands

If your German Shepherd Obedience Training shall go any further than the basic dog commands above, then you or your chosen professional dog trainers can teach your German Shepherd the more advanced dog commands. Each such dog command may greatly enhance the joy both you and your GSD will have in life.

Note that because of the genetic predisposition of the German Shepherd, your dog will actually enjoy to comply with the advanced dog commands as much as with the basic dog commands (which may be very little, subject to upbringing). Since GSDs are generally both intelligent and very loyal, you may often find that your dog is eager to receive your appreciation when (s)he complies with challenging commands.

What are the more advanced dog commands?

  • JUMP to make your dog jump over any form of barrier
  • BRING to make your dog bring to you a shown item
  • FETCH to make your dog catch a shown item in the mouth
  • LEAVE IT to make your dog not pick up an item in the mouth
  • BEHIND LEFT or BEHIND RIGHT to make your dog walk around you left way or right way
  • FIND to make your dog search for a shown item or person
  • TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT to make your dog change walking direction when ahead of you
  • TRACK to make your dog track and follow examples of a shown item
  • GUARD to make your dog watch over an object or person and stop it from moving

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