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Big Dogs

At Posh Puppy Boutique, we believe that big dogs should be stylish too! We offer a selection of apparel and accessories specially made for your over-sized canine. There are numerous fashionable designs that are guaranteed to fit perfectly on your pet. Our big dog clothes are not only trendy but also full functional so that your pet can prance around freely in his or her designer wear. Just because they are bigger, doesn’t mean they don’t shiver through those cold winter months. Grab a few hoodies or coats designed to keep big dogs warm. Show your pet how much you care by wrapping them up in a luxurious sweater made out of the best quality cottons and cashmere. All sweaters are handmade, so each order is as unique as your big pup!

We also carry a wide variety of collars that can match any big dog's outfit. Whether your doggie outfit is funky, casual, elegant or executive, all materials used for clothes and costumes are breathable to enhance overall comfort.

Are you and your big pooch ready to walk around with fashion-forward clothing? Great Danes, mastiffs, German shepherds and all large dog breed owners are invited to browse over all of our big dog apparel and choose their favorites from the comfort of your cozy home.

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