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German Shepherd dog names and meanings

Due to the blending of British and Chinese cultures over the last 100 years, Hong Kong possesses a unique mix of Asian and Western qualities. A growing trend inspired by the West is pet guardianship, which is on the rise in Hong Kong due to a growing middle class with disposable income, and in China thanks to that country’s one-child policy. Birds, fish, rodents, cats, and dogs are the pets of choice. The Asia Times Online estimates that the 100 million pets in China will grow to 150 million by 2010. In fact China has now become the third-largest pet market in the world, following the U.S. and Brazil, according to Euromonitor International. And there are now an estimated that call China home.

Mao– (猫 ) mao literally means “cat” in chinese. What funnier Chinese dog name can there be than to call him/her a cat?

BaoBei– (宝贝) baobei means “baby” in Chinese. And our furry babies are practically children anyways.

Xià Xuě –(下雪) xià xuě means “snow” in Chinese. This is a perfect name for white dogs like Samoyeds or white German Sheperds.

Meyli – (美麗) Měilì in Chinese means “beautiful”. A fitting dog name for a beautiful pup!

Bao – (包) normally used to describe yummy Chinese steamed buns, bao would be an adorable name for your Chinese puppy.

Mushu– (木須) whether using mushu to name Mulan’s sidekick, a yummy pork dish or your new furry friend, Mushu would be a great name for a Chinese dog (that’s also foreigner-friendly, too!)

Tofu – (荳腐) okay, so tofu isn’t necessarily just a “Chinese dog name” but it sure is cute, isn’t it?

Dumpling– (饺子) jiaozi, or better known to some as dumplings, are a staple in Chinese cuisine and snacks. Any dog nameddumpling is sure to get “oohs” and “ahhs” from relatives.

Boba – boba, or pearl milk tea, isa popular sweetened tea drink with origins in Taiwan.


Mei Mei – mei mei means “little sister”. Have a boy dog instead? Name him “didi” for little brother!


Dan Dan




Puyi– (溥儀) Pu Yi was the last Emperor of China who inherited the throne when he was only two years old!

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