Puppy White German Shepherd

HI! and thank you for visiting the SNOWCLOUD PUPPY PICTURE PAGE :)
THIS IS NEW so please be patient while I work on pictures for this page...
I wanted everyone to see just how beautiful the WHITE GERMAN SHEPHERD is :)
Alice sure had some beautiful puppies.

These pictures are only here to SHARE with you more about the White German Shepherd.
They do not represent SNOWCLOUD KENNEL.
Snowcloud Kennel is no longer a breeding kennel.
I do not own the Snowcloud name...
I am only posting pictures of puppies who come from a long line of beautiful white bloodlines.

Some of the pictures may come from shepherds that we now have here at out kennel.

Please enjoy :)

Snowcloud's White Knight

Kona von Snowcloud
Halley Lou's daughter
Sierra Madre, CA
Kona's picture was sent to me along with a beautiful email.Kona is a daughter of Halley Lou & Yukon
What makes her special is that we now have HALLEY LOU here with us...
and YUKON was born HERE, at Mintern's from my precious CHEROKEE & BLIZZARD.
It's with great pleasure that I share Kona's picture with you.

Sarge Bogart Snowcloud
w/friends Star & Buddy

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