German Shepherd mix

Mini German Shepherd mix

For those looking for the perfect protection dog, the Doberman German Shepherd Mix will definitely fit the bill. These high energy dogs are quick on their feet and have an amazing hearing. Considered a working breed, this compact dog has great muscle tone and is a very powerful animal. Adult dogs can weigh as much as 100 pounds or more and stand up to 24 inches in height. Both the German Shepard and the Doberman are highly intelligent animals. But when you combine the two, you have one super smart dog. When in training, these dogs learn very quickly and are able to learn advanced commands quicker than some Canine breeds. So if you are looking for an animal to train as a home defense dog, the Doberman German Shepherd Mix is the perfect animal. While not an overly aggressive animal, these dogs will do whatever it takes to protect both its home and its owner.

A Ferociously Loyal Dog

One of the most loyal dogs, the Doberman German Shepherd Mix will stand by their owners through thick and thin. This is probably why so many people have embraced this beautiful animal. Also referred to as the Doberman Shepherd, you will never have to worry about this dog running away when their owner is faced with danger. And because of this, protectiveness advanced training is recommended so that the owner has complete control over the dog avoiding any accidents. This dog is great for those who are looking for both a security dog and a loyal companion at the same time.

A Very Attractive Animal

Another reason so many people love these dogs are for their beauty. With the combined look of both dog breeds, the Doberman German Shepherd Mix gets his looks from both animals. But when it comes to coat color, the offspring of this hybrid mix generally takes after the Doberman parent. Having a two tone coat of both brown and black is very common. Also, most of these dogs will have short hair but there is a chance that the offspring might have long hair.

Why should you bring one of these dogs home?

This lovely dog would make the perfect companion for anyone that has enough time to take up with them. These high energy pooches will provide you with undying love and loyalty like no other. But if you do bring one of these dogs home, remember that they are working dogs and will need lots of exercise.

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