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German Shepherd mix temperament

I saw one on several occasions years ago. A workman came to do some repairs and brought his rescued Akita-Shepherd cross along with him. It was one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen, and it had a wonderful soft coat. Unfortunately it was rescued from an abusive environment and was not comfortable about being approached by strangers. It would growl if I got too personal with it. That being said, with all the reasons for fear that it legitimately held, it did not bite out of fear. So I think it probably had the basic confidence of both breeds. I wouldn't want to encounter one in a red rage and I wonder how the original owner(s) escaped with their lives. Maybe they did all their abusing before this dog was an adult.

Both Akita and German Shepherds can be standoffish. They bond strongly with their human family members, and tend to protect the homefront. They often are not welcoming to strangers. They need to be socialized, the sooner the better. (I was told that my GS was to sleep in the same room with me for the first year of his life, the idea being that otherwise he might not grow up with a basically positive idea regarding all humans. When he was 8 mo. old I had to begin training to quell his tendency to tear after anything he thought was threatening me.) Both breeds are extremely strong, so if they are not trained properly they might pull you through a fence or two.

German shepherds have the reputation of challenging their masters at some point in their development. When my dog weighed about 30 pounds he did something I didn't like. When I came to interfere with him he escaped dealing with me. When I cornered him he was defiant. I picked him up, front feet in my left hand and rear feet in my right hand. He began to bite my hand, but fortunately he was still too young to penetrate my skin. I hauled him to the back porch, with him biting all the way, and then gave him an hour or so of time out. I've never had any sign of aggression from his since.

I would be prepared for an Akita-GS cross to do the same kind of thing. The best response is to control the dog without hurting him/her, and put the dog in isolation for a while. The lesson is that biting, growling, etc. are not successful responses when dealing with the master, not that the master will do as much to you as you intended to do to him/her.

There is a dog training club where I live. If you have a good group like that I would not have the slightest doubt about taking on an Akita-GS cross. I hope yours is as beautiful as the one I met years ago.

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