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His large Alsatian Dog

width="300"Trixy, An American Alsatian

General Appearance:

The American Alsatian is a large Dire wolf looking dog that stands calm and alert. He possesses thick, dense bone, a broad stature, and an impressive head. His look includes that of a gentle intelligence with a bit of secrecy in his slanted yellow-eyed stare. He is powerfully heavy; aware of his surroundings; well muscled and calmly alert. He is well balanced and longer than he is tall. Exhibiting a unique combination of a wolf-like appearance and a calm, gentle disposition, his soundness of mind and body gives the impression of stability and loyalty. Exhibiting a unique combination of a wolf-like appearance and a calm, gentle disposition, his soundness of mind and body gives the impression of stability and loyalty.


The American Alsatian™ is fearless and bold but never hostile, moving slowly in a sleek manner sniffing the air currents. He is self-confident, poised and inquisitive, but may possess a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate friendships. He should never be timid or nervous, but hold a more solid and laidback temperament of curiosity. He should be approachable, quietly standing with confidence and willingness.

Developed solely for companionship, he is not a working or herding dog and does not possess high prey drive or the extreme willingness to work or do work. He does possess a strong desire to be close to his master. Therefore, he cannot and does not wander or roam.

As a puppy, this breed is clownish and loving with a tendency to get as close to his owner's body as possible even leaning into his master to be sure of his master's attention and presence.


Sound: The American Alsatian™ has a deep and low pitched guttural tone. Barking is infrequent. They do not have a tendency to whine. A high pitched bark is undesirable.

Serious Faults: Elaborate barking for no reason and/or a high pitched, yippee, amplified vocalization is a serious fault.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size The height at the highest point of the withers should be no shorter than 26 inches in males and 25 inches in females. Dogs may reach as tall as 30 inches in males and 28 inches in females. The weight should appear heavy due to the large bones, with a minimum weight of 90 pounds in males and 85 pounds in females.

Proportion The length of the American Alsatian™ is longer than tall. He is a balanced dog with a solid structure. The overall length of this breed is to be measured from the chest bone to the tip of the tail.

Substance The American Alsatian™ is a dog of considerable substance, which is determined by a broad back, chest, and thigh area, heavy bone, and strong muscle.

Serious Faults: Small or thin bones, a shallow chest, and/or a thin chest or rump are serious faults.

Alsatian drawing, Packer


The Head of an American Alsatian™ is very broad and large sloping slightly from between the yellow eyes down to the deep black nose, closely resembling the wolf of yester-years. The head is of distinctive importance, as it is this head that holds the wolfy yellow-eyed stare. The head is broad and deep, never thin or small in proportion to the body. The skull is longer than the muzzle. This head must rest on a large, short, thick neck and must be held parallel with the ground almost on a level with the shoulders and the back. The American Alsatian™ should have a short coat of hair on the head and face. The coat should begin to lengthen as it starts down the neck to the shoulders where the hair is the longest.

Skull The skull is measured from the point of the stop to the far most point of the occiput. From the occiput to the stop should be 6 to 8 inches. The skull is broad and should allow an extended hand between the ears. From the broadest part of the skull around the head closest to the throat should be 18 to 22 inches. It is slightly rounded, never domed, gradually narrowing and flattening as it approaches the eyes. The stop should slope gently from the eyes down to the muzzle.

Muzzle His muzzle should be large and thick, the lips should be close fitting and deep black in color with large white teeth. From the stop between the eyes to the front teeth should be 4.5 to 6 inches. The upper and lower jaws should be broad with his large teeth closing in a scissors bite. The total muzzle should be slightly shorter than the head is deep. The circumference of the muzzle should be between 11 to 13 inches.

Eyes His eyes are an almond shape, medium to small, and set obliquely. Light eyes are preferred with colors ranging from yellow to light brown that gives him the unique wolfish stare. The eyes should have a look of deep black eyeliner around the eye and out from the outer corners of the eyes.

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