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And a couple who look after the graveyard had also had a "confrontation" with two men with an Alsatian dog who were asking questions about who owned the graveyard and the stone and marble.AN ALSATIAN dog named Rocky who bit a jogger called Ricky four times must be destroyed, a court has ordered.All he could vaguely recall was going from club to club, and of sharing a huge pizza with a stray Alsatian dog by St Luke's as his mates had a fight - and then they had brought him here.I often put a costume on my Alsatian dog Kim and called him the Hound of the Baskervilles.An Alsatian dog comes running across from the workshop.Yes an Alsatian dog called Douxie and a pigeon we rescued from certain death called Percy.A MAN used his Alsatian dog to commit a vile sex act on a woman who later died, a court has heard.He housesits for his brother in LA, looking after the family's Alsatian dog while they holiday in Vietnam.The former tugboat skipper's body was found in the kitchen of his smoke-damaged flat with his 12-year-old black Alsatian dog Lucky lying nearby.And what was the name of his Alsatian dog in his show?THE CYPRUS Voice for Animals (CVA) has called on the authorities to take action after a young Alsatian dog was left abandoned on a tiny balcony in horrifying conditions.Even her Alsatian dog will have to learn to answer to a new name.

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