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Dog physical characteristics

Lost or Stray Dogs in Disaster Areas:
A Tool for Recording the Description of Unclaimed Dogs
Housed by EMA-Designated Animal Rescue Groups.
(Part 1 of 3)


For a printable version of this document, which includes also
a Canine Characteristics checklist and a Canine Breed list click here

The Canine Characteristics Checklist (CCC) is designed to standardize the identification process of mixed breed and purebred dogs who are presumed to be lost and whose owners are unknown.

The Alabama Pet Registry (APR) lost and found pet Bulletin Board service relies on accurate and objective descriptions of dogs to help match pets with their owners. Therefore, APR only distributes CCC information to professional animal caregivers.

16 identification categories represent the most comprehensive description that can be obtained of an animal by simple observation and limited examination. Words, phrases and illustrations are provided for the convenience of the user, however, "Other" and "Describe" spaces appear in most categories when more information is required or if the user prefers his/her own expression. Although the CCC category labels are fairly forthright, a statement about each is provided to prevent any misunderstanding by the user.

The CCC is primarily designed to help identify mixed breed dogs, about which no physical characteristic standards exist. Therefore, we recommend that all CCC category labels for mixed breed dogs be filled in as completely as possible.

The words "Purebred Optional" signify categories that do not require completion: These dogs are assumed to meet the general classification standards for their breed, however, all exceptions and variations should be noted.

1 - BREED;

What breed of dog is he/she - Is he/she a purebred or a
mixed breed. Breed name or breed number from the
accompanying Breed List may be used. Mixed or number 268
is recommended for dogs whose breed is uncertain or who
exhibit multiple breed physical characteristics.

If the dog is Mixed (268), what breed of dog does he/she look the most like. List no

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