German Shepherd Mountain Dog

German Shepherd Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are a giant dog but they are very gentl. Bernese mountain dog is good with kids.

By: msmolzan | 5 / 5 | 4 months ago

You will never find a more loveable dog, but you really need to do your homework before you decide to buy one. They don't handle heat at all, they shouldn't be alone for extended periods and have the potential for health issues. Pet insurance is a must! Once you own one you can't imagine life without them. Big beautiful babies.

By: Barbara L. McCarron | 5 / 5 | 5 months ago

My daughter has a Bernese mountain dog named Lucy and I can't believe how well behaved she is. She just sits by my daughter or follows her everywhere. She very rarely barks and loves to be petted.

Lucy prefers her little rubber ball to take outside and play catch rather than play with her other toys. She also loves to lie down in shallow water.

Such a beautiful gentle dog with such distinctive markings on her fur and I can't say enough good things about her.

This dog has been through a lot in her early years; (she is more than four years old now). The breeder told my daughter that she had eleven puppies and burst her uterus. This is also her third home including her time with the breeder and after thousands of miles riding in a truck finally found her forever home.

She bonded with my daughter immediately and never leaves her side during the last year and a half that she has been living with her. However I believe because of her past history she is anxious and therefore stays by my daughter all the time opposed to going over to other people. I don't know for sure but I think she is afraid that my daughter will leave her as the other owners have.

In finalizing, this breed is so sweet and gentle and also beautiful that when my daughter takes her out she has dozens of people stopping her every where she goes. I highly recommend this breed with the only drawback unfortunately being their short lifespan.

By: Hannah Dykes 1 | 5 / 5 | 7 months ago

To start off, I was gifted with my Bernese, Achilles who I will love forever. He was the most loving and affectionate dog that I've ever met. He was extremely friendly towards strangers and guests at our home, so overall a wonderful family dog. He was NEVER aggressive, and was always happy. The thing about many berners is that they will always want affection, and will always gravitate towards their family. So, as soon as you sit down on the couch, you know who will immediately be there wanted to be pet!

Some cons of the breed is the massive shedding of their fur. Looking back at it now it was funny how there was always black clumps of fur on the floor- so be ready to vacuum! Another con that many people are aware of is the short life span of a Bernese. my berner past away from lymphoma cancer very quickly at 6 years old, which has been very hard, but if you are truly awed by this dog, don't let this hold you back! They will love you for every moment of their life, so cherish every single day.

Overall a wonderful breed that will make your life so much brighter. These are the types of dogs that are so special you will never forget them in your lifetime.

By: Gail Banning | 5 / 5 | 8 months ago

We've had "Bozeman" for 7 years now and we couldn't be happier having him in our lives. He's a happy/health 120# luvbug. Bozeman is an active working "Therapy Dog" and works four days a week between two elementary schools and a nursing home. This is the perfect occupation for this breed since his only real need is to be loved be everyone he meets. When he was a puppy he never chewed anything in the house since we crated him at night, when we were out of the house and whenever he could not be watched. He is very docile and does not require a lot of exercise however he does need to be socialized in order to prevent shyness and obedience training. We high recommend this breed for family's with small kids, other pets and if you don't mind a dog that sheds "alot".

By: Susan Janzen Price | 5 / 5 | 9 months ago

The best dogs ever. We have always had border collies, and they are great dogs for active people. But we decided we wanted to try something more mellow and I can not believe just how crazy we our over our Daisy. She is 2 now and is the sweetest, most loving, devoted, funny, beautiful dog we have ever known. She is clever and housetrained in 2 weeks, wasn't a chewer but likes to carry objects like shoes and socks around with her, even now. She is a bit smaller than most of them at just 69 pounds but since she thinks she is a lap dog, we are glad for her diminutive size. Her bad habits include counter surfing and eating poop, which is disgusting but I have read is very common with this breed. We have tried everything to make her stop but nothing works. So we overlook this bad habit since everything else about her brings us so much joy! We are concerned about the short life spans but treasure every moment with her. Knock on wood, she has had no health issues so far and she only sheds twice a year.

By: Mark Arnold | 5 / 5 | 11 months ago

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