The Best Dog Food for German

Best dry Dog food for German Shepherds

Consistent reliability, excellent courage and great adaptability, no wonder you want the best for your German Shepherds. They sure have the best personality traits, but a good diet is needed to keep them sharp and healthy.

Read on to know what should be included in a German Shepherds’ meal.


German Shepherds’ size falls in the medium to large range. Most of a German Shepherd’s weight comes from his solid muscles and strong bones. To support this body structure, the mutt needs a diet that is rich in proteins and high in calories.

For calories, a typical 70 lbs German Shepherd thrive on 1600 cal/day. They need the energy to keep up with the energetic and active lifestyle. On the other hand, older and inactive German Shepherd needs fewer calories.

For protein, a minimum of 18 percent is only barely enough to maintain their muscle and health. German Shepherds thrive better on a 25 percent and up protein diet. The percentage can go up to 40 or 50 percent for German Shepherds that are especially active. Rich protein helps them from physical injuries.

For fat, no German Shepherd should be fed less than 5 percent, while it is best that a meal has 15 to 30 percent fat content. The fat enhanced the flavor and keep your German Shepherd back for more, while maintaining the shine of their coats.

For vitamins and mineral supplements, the more variety, the better. They help the German Shepherds maintain a healthy coat, effective immune system and prevent behavioral problems.

No matter what, food for German Shepherds must be of good quality, for they have a weak digestive system. Bad sources of nutrients can make them more prone to infection and diseases. Keep track with their poops’ condition: if they are solid and easy to pick up, you are going the right way. Otherwise, he might have diarrhea or other stomach problems.

An appropriate choice
Evolved as Carnivores, German Shepherds are designed to thrive on a diet of fresh whole meat. That’s why Orijen Adult Dog Food is the best choice at 90 percent meat ingredients. Registered with Biologically Appropriate certification, Orijen only uses cage-free chicken and nest laid eggs from the local farm. From North Vancouver Island, herring and flounder caught in the wild are also transported to the manufacturing site to be freeze-dried. No better method to keep all the goodness inside a bag.

Orijen Adult Dog Food provides your dog with essential vitamins and minerals in natural forms, such as liver, heart, marrow and cartilage. Why use the synthetic when you’ve got the real deal?

To top it all off, the kibbles are put into foil lined bags which prevent oxygen transfer. Once the bag is sealed, nothing but natural healthiness would be delivered to your beloved German Shepherd.


Best dry dog food for Dachshunds

It can be tough to decide what is the best food for dachshunds, for these little cuties have an extreme body type that can cause a lot of health problems. Worry not, for we have found the ultimate best food for our Dachshunds.

General needs

An average Dachshunds at 20 pounds needs about 575 calories per day. The less active ones may need only 470 calories, while a livelier one may need up to 900 kcal a day.

As Dachshunds do not have a long coat, and their skins are not easy to get dry, a majority of dog food features enough fat to keep him looking clean and fresh. Therefore, it is more important that you take notes on the protein and carbs in the food.

A diet with good ingredients can help your dachshunds avoid a lot of health problems

Make sure the protein comes from a good source and accounts for at least 25 percent of the total energy content. Because they are small, dachshunds are prone to weight gain. Therefore, it is best that you choose food without simple starchy carbs, like sugar or molasses.

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