Best Dog brush for German Shepherds

Overall, grooming the GSD is pretty simple. There are NO kinds of surgical "enhancements" of any type that need be done (such as ear or tail docking) to the German Shepherd Dog. The German Shepherd is a "wash and wear" dog breed - especially when compared to many other dog breeds.

The German Shepherd Dog has a "double-coat". Their coat consists of a "downy" type undercoat next to the skin, with longer, coarse guard hairs as an outer shell. Under normal conditions, the GSD will require regular brushing, and an occasional bath.

Daily grooming of the GSD boils down to this: a quick brushing to keep the coat clean and healthy and also to help to combat shedding and a really great . The German Shepherd sheds constantly throughout the entire year and even more heavily with the changing of the seasons.

The dogs guard hairs will be shed all year round. The undercoat is "blown" twice a year. Without regular grooming, however, there is a great potential risk that the wooly undercoat of the German Shepherd will mat.

This can also result in hotspots, bald spots, rashes and other coat and skin problems, so do not take grooming too lightly.

If you let the clumps of fur build up and hang off their bodies, the coat and skin underneath cannot breathe properly and could possibly suffocate as a result causing more potential health problems for your German Shepherd Dog.

Expect to have to sweep or vacuum several times a week during the time these dogs "blow" their coats. And a really great is a must! Grooming the GSD is an important part of owning this breed.

Brushing and Grooming the GSD

The German Shepherd can be easily groomed from start to finish in 15 minutes or less, assuming that you brush it a few times per week. Overall, the time and frequency of grooming the GSD will vary according to the GSD's length of coat and its condition. Some German Shepherds have a longer coat and may require more extensive grooming on a more frequent basis.

To help keep grooming the GSD in check, it is best to use a wire Slicker Brush which can be found at most pet stores. A grooming rake or brush are other good choices to use in general grooming - follow the grain of the coat when using these tools. Regular grooming sessions will teach your German Shepherd to stand quietly and even to enjoy these weekly grooming sessions.

Blowing Coat

Generally twice a year a German Shepherd will shed their entire undercoat over a 1-2 week period. While your GSD is shedding it's entire undercoat it has special grooming requirements. We have made an entire page covering what to do during this period. Click here to learn about a blowing coat.

Bathing and Grooming the German Shepherd

German Shepherd Dogs only need baths occasionally. This is the case assuming that they are fed good quality food and brushed out and groomed on a regular basis. Baths should be given no more than once or twice a year to avoid drying out their skin - over-bathing your German Shepherd will strip its coat of it's natural oils.

Remember to use a made specifically for dogs since their body "pH" is so different from shampoos made for people. You may find that during flea season that you will need to bathe your German Shepherd more often as part of a complete program to control these little critters.

When grooming the German Shepherd and bathing it you should also place cotton in their ears to prevent water from entering the ear canal. This will help to prevent potential future ear infections.

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