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Are German Shepherds good with small dogs

Thanks for the A2A.

I'm not an expert on dogs, in fact I might be more of a cats person.

But I do have my lovely dog:

Gaya, Berger Blanc Suisse (White Suisse Shepherd Dog), 14 weeks old - she is 7 years now, though!

She is fine with all other dogs, I've never had any problems at all while not having her on a leash. However this breed is different in temper and personality from a German Shepherd. It is said to be more "gentle and mellow" and it surely isn't as great as a guard dog, as a German Shepherd would be.

Gender of the dog will surely play a role, but as far as I can understand those gender differences are common between dog breeds, so whatever is related to gender seems to be the same for most breeds.

The Berger Blanc Suisse and the German Shepherd share a lot of similarities. They are some of the smartest and most trainable breeds, and can be used as sheepdog, as a guide for the blind, for search and rescue and so on.

The German Shepherd, which I've known many of through my life since it is a very common breed here in Denmark where I live, has a tendency to become dominant if it isn't treated properly. It needs to know that it is not the pack leader, and it needs never to be in doubt about that. This is never achieved through shouting or violence, but through love and affection, and proper taking care of the dog at all times.
The single most important thing to know as a dog owner is to never get angry at the dog when it comes to you, this way you can expect it to always come when you call. Even if it did something wrong it is not, and it never is, a good idea to get angry. You can disapprove of what it did in many ways, such as talking with a "voice of disapproval" while still gently padding the dog. Any sensible dog will know that it did something you didn't approve of, even with very little effort in letting the dog know.
If you just once yell at it or get angry when it comes back to you after having done something "bad", then it might have second thoughts next time you call.
Surely the above isn't really part of answering the question, I am just puzzled by how often I see dog owners who don't understand this very simple psychological principle and fail as a result.

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