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Why are German Shepherds called German Shepherds?

I have orally cleared this confusion many times to the dog lovers and general public as well.

You will find people telling that there is difference in colour between alsatian & German Shepherd. Some people act further intelligent to tell structural differences.Few say it is the size difference. An Alsatian is from Alsace in France and a German Shepherd from Germany.

The name German Shepherd was used in America. The German Shepherds was used by both sides to fight during the war. But the British didn’t want to call their dogs German sothey decided on the name Alsatian. Later, after the war, the British changed the name back to German Shepherd Dog .There is NO difference between a German Shepherd Dog and an Alsatian. ( German Shepherd Training )

The original nameis German shepherd Dog. During the world war britishers named it Alsatian, after the German French border area of Alsace-Lorraine.

In 1977, postnumerous campaigns by breeders the name of the breed was changed back to GermanShepherd Dog; known as GSD in the short form. the German Shepherd Dog(Alsatian) has become one of the most popular breeds with pet owners, whoconsider them loving and loyal companions.

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