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Sender: Renee Morales I spent several frustrating days combing the local animal shelters for a puppy or young GSD mix, without luck. The dogs were either patently Pit Bulls or Pit mixes (they are just not my breed), or older than my husband wanted to commit to. It took him 10 years to get over our last dog passing and be ready for a new dog, so I had to respect his desire to have a dog with its whole life ahead of it. I got in touch with a couple of local breeders, but pure bred puppies are much more than I want to fork over, when all I really want is a healthy dog with a calm disposition. Then I searched google and the German Shepherd section of Rescue Me came up. I found a number of great candidates a couple hours away. After emailing about several promising possibilities, we made arrangements to drive to meet two of them. The first dog was just not going to be fit for us temperament wise (it needed a home with other dogs in my opinion), but the second one was a match made in heaven. I wanted a dog with the right temperament to be a good therapy dog, and Mystic's foster Mom had just commented to the organizer at Working Dogs Rescue that she would make a great therapy dog. Mystic totally fell for my husband (we have that in common!). We applied, got home inspected, and 24 hours after meeting her, Mystic came home with us. Thank you, Rescue Me! Sender: Patricia Trybus First, I would like to, personally, thank Kathy, a very thoughtful, kind, considerate and caring volunteer. She knew of a 'very special person who would love to give Gunther a home. I felt it, only right, to await requests from interested parties, before considering her insight and knowledge about that 'very special person.' I received a number of requests, each wanting to give Gunther the perfect home. I would like to thank everyone who contacted me. Gunther is unlike most, if not all, GSD's up for adoption. He is a West German bred, high drive, high energy pup. All who contacted me, claimed to have knowledge and experience, in raising a high energy, high drive, 11 month old GSD pup, bred in West Germany. I thoroughly researched import GSD's before making the decision to pay a premium price for an authentic GSD. Having had the honor to work and train him for the past ten months has been a rewarding challenge and one that I enjoyed. I never imagined the day would come when I'd have to make the extremely heartbreaking decision to find him another 'very special person.' Life is full of twists and turns. And, I found myself, having to make a decision, that was unexpected, overwhelming, and seemed impossible. All, but two, interested parties, seemed to vanish, when I responded, in great detail, to their adoption requests. I contacted each person, and, in great detail, made them aware of the responsibilities in owning and training an import GSD. They are not your average, US bred, German Shepherd Dog. They are highly intelligent, high energy, high drive dogs. An import GSD is not for everyone. I quickly learned, most had, little, if any knowledge, on West German, hard drive, working line GSD's. This made my difficult decision, even more difficult. I wasn't simply placing a GSD; I was placing my GSD... An eleven month old, import, that I had painstakingly, and patiently worked and trained over the past, nearly ten months. He knew commands in, both, German and English. Training wasn't always easy, but I never gave in or gave up. I spent every waking hour with him, molding him into a pup, I believed that could, and would achieve his highest potential, if placed in the hands of a 'very special person.' That individual contacted me shortly after I posted on Rescue Me. Many others followed, while he and I began a flurry of emails. He knew my high expectations, and I knew what he was looking for in a GSD. Through those emails, I learned he had been involved in Schutzhund/IPO for thirty years, and had titled his GSD. With his extensive background, knowledge and experience in Schutzhund/IPO club membership, and having titled his GSD, I still wasn't certain he was that 'special person that I had been searching for. After all, Gunther was a, 'momma's boy.' Yesterday, we met, and he spent a great deal of time with Gunther. Within the first fifteen minutes, I realized he and Gunther had already formed a 'special bond.' They were working as one, each enjoying the others company. Gunther performed all that this 'special person' had expected him to do. Call it fate, call it Devine intervention, call it God's work, but, whatever it is called, their chance meeting, was meant to be. They were meant to be together. I was, both happy and saddened as I watched them work together, as if they'd been training together for nearly ten months. Almost instantly, he loved and adored Gunther. And, Gunther responded in kind. Watching them work, I quickly realized Gunther had, once again, put his love, faith and trust in the hands of another. Gunther was no longer my shadow. This brought tears and also began a relationship I had been praying for. My heart broke as Gunther was loaded into this 'very special persons' vehicle. I stood in the driveway, heartbroken, with tears streaming down my cheeks, as they drove out of sight. As painful as this was, I realized Gunther, now, had a new owner who'd not only love him as much as I do, but had the training, knowledge, skills and experience to make Gunther the best that he could be. This was something, I could not offer Gunther. Gunther will now be given the opportunity to be the best that he can be. I had no right to hold him back. I know in my heart, with the help of 'this special person, ' Gunther will begin doing all that he was bred to do. Thank you Rescue Me, Kathy and that 'very special person.' Respectfully, Patricia Sender: Jeanette Morris I posted an 11 year old German Shepherd for adoption with a prayer an angel would show up to adopt him. He is not my dog; I was posting for someone else. He had been chained out all his life. He never experienced a bath. And by the way, he is blind. Despite this, he had a wonderful demeanor, standing tall and looking gorgeous. A young man felt compassion for his story that a veteran of the army was the one surrendering him. His heart connected with his special needs, and was so handsome! That young man sacrificed some things, no doubt. The Shepherd had his first warm bath and blow dry, nail trim, and rode to his new home wearing a brand new collar, lying on a new blanket, with a new, better diet. He has a life in his new home with his very own pet cats who rub his face! His vet appointment will determine his future health. Perhaps if things go well now, he will get help for his eyes because his condition is unique. Time will tell. I have never stopped my prayers. Thank you, Rescue Me!

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