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How to Care for German Shepherd puppies?

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Rice is good for dogs that have upset tummies. It does not hurt the dog and will fill in their diet. However, do not feed them so much that they do not eat the proper amount of a nutritionally balanced meal.

I don't want to take my dog to the vet. What can I do?

Caring for a pet comes with the responsibility of taking it to the vet when needed. Going to the vet is advised when the pet is ill because the vet is specially trained to help your pet and is best placed to decide whether it's a behavioral or health problem. Any kind of professional in the animal business, dog trainer, behaviorist, even a nutritionist, will advise to go to a vet as they will know your pet's health condition better than these professionals.

What is the problem caused by yelling at my German Shepherd?

This causes your dog to have bad association with people in general and the dog becomes aggressive or afraid toward other people and maybe even in other animals. It is also just bad in general, it is not good to do it for training or to stop them from barking a lot.

My German Shepherd is shedding a lot from around his collar and it's no longer tight. Is that normal?

The material of the collar maybe chafing your dog's neck if it is not leather or fabric. It may also be a skin problem that a vet may need to look at. Speak with your vet about the possibilities.

How do I stop the rough play with my German Shepherd?

You don't mention whether the rough play is with other dogs or with yourself. If the dog is being too rough with you, whenever the dog gets too rough, stop play immediately. Stand still and say 'ouch'. Do not start to play again until the dog looks at you and is calm. When he is calm, play with him again and repeat this until he learns to play nicely.

What should I feed my German Shepherd dog?

There are many different types of diets that are good for dogs. A high quality kibble is a good idea. It gives the dog the nutrition it needs, as well as makes more of the food digestible, resulting in smaller stool movements and less clean up is needed. Some people like to feed their dogs a raw food diet but you should do a lot of research if you plan on doing this, because you need to ensure that the dog gets the right balance of nutrients it needs to survive.

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