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Good dog names for German Shepherds

The Anatolian Shepherd is huge dog from Turkey that has been bred to protect livestock from all sorts of predators. They were first developed thousands of years ago to be big enough to defend the flocks from wolves and bears, and over time they have adapted to the harsh climate of the Anatolian Plateau.

If you have been lucky enough to bring home one of these intelligent dogs, remember that he is going to grow up to be up to 65 kilos (around 150 pounds): socialization and obedience training need to start right away.

Pick a name that will work well for obedience training. A good name has two syllables, ends with a vowel or sound that attracts your attention, and is easy to pronounce. These names below are all authentic, and I have already deleted hundreds that do not meet good training standards. Even if you find a name whose meaning you like, but it is hard to pronounce and you do not like the way it sounds, do not use it.

Don’t forget to start training with that new name immediately.

Anatolian Shepherds do tend to wander. As soon as you have picked out a name for your dog, be sure to get a collar with his name and your telephone number.

On the next visit to your vet, ask about having your dog microchipped.

Your efforts may save his life if he becomes lost.

Find any Turkish names you like? If you didn´t, and want to look at some other sites to read other Turkish names, remember:

· Only choose names that are short and easy to pronounce. If you find a long name that you really HAVE to use then decide on a nickname that you will use to call your dog, and start using it right away during training.

· Do not choose an from the top 10 or top 25 lists of dog names.

· Do not give your dog a silly name that he will grow out of.

· Take plenty of pictures. Your Anatolian Shepherd will grow up fast, and you will want to enjoy and remember the days ahead!

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