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Dog names for German Shepherds male

Cartoon German ShepherdFor well over one hundred and twenty years the German Shepherd has been a pet, a protector, a police dog and originally a working herding dog. Breed for speed agility and most importantly intelligence they were quickly adopted for working tasks outside of herding within just a few years of inception. Commonly used in military, police enforcement and search and rescue situations, the German Shepherd is the second most popular breed in the United States.

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Height:22-24 inches at withers
Weight: 40-70 pounds
Average Lifespan: 9-13 years old


Height:24-26 inches at withers
Weight: 60-90 pounds
Average Lifespan: 9-13 years old


German Shepherds have vibrant fun personalities. They are very athletic and energetic and require a lot of attention and even more exercise. Shepherds can be aggressive if not properly trained and well socialized. High intelligence makes them very easy to train and very loving. Some can display some tendencies to be territorial however proper socialization and training can avoid and eliminate that behavior. They are a great family dog with the intelligence and ability to be very capable working dogs.

Agility In Action

Happy Ownership

The key to happy ownership of a German Shepherd is understanding the needs of your new dog and making the commitment to raising this pup as a key part of your family. Spend as much time as possible around other dogs and establish leadership early. Shepherds love a strong pack leader and want to follow, one of the reasons they are so good and easy to train. If you did not find the ideal name above checkout our massive list on the home page and take time to checkout the huge list of names we have identified for both pit bulls and bull dogs.

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