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Types of German Shepherd Mixes

Compared to other breeds, the GSD is a newer breed that only came to existence in 1899. The intelligent and friendly dog breed owes its existence to a career captain in Germany, named Captain Max von Stephanitz. Centuries before the dog breed was created, farmers had to rely on dogs to drive and protect their herds. While some dogs were well trained and legendary for their skill, Stephanitz noticed that nobody in the region took the opportunity to develop herding dogs of the region into a separate breed.

Throughout his career, Captain Max von Stephanitz came across many fine herding dogs that were capable, intelligent and athletic. What amused Stephanitz was that he was unable to find a dog breed that contained all these traits. He then worked hard to develop a dog that would have all the favorable qualities of a herding dog. Slowly, GSD dogs were not only used for herding sheep but also as guide and police dogs.


German Shepherds are also referred to as Alsatian in parts of Europe and in Great Britain. This breed has several talents and has held several jobs, from chasing down criminals, to performing in movies. The intelligent dog is easy to train and is always up for a challenge. While the German Shepherd has many traits you might want in a dog breed, the breed might not be the right choice for everyone.

Originally bred to herd a flock of sheep, the high-energy dog needs to constantly be entertained or else he is likely to exhibit his boredom through excessive barking and chewing. The breed also tends to appear aloof and suspicious to strangers but that is not the case with loved ones. The overall temperament of the dog depends on a variety of factors, including genes, gender and socialization.

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