Black german shepherd with

Black German Shepherd San Diego

Nickname: Gus Posted Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed (medium coat). Please contact Adoption ( for more information about this pet. Gus was adopted as a young puppy, but this past May we received a phone call from a shelter about a dog with a chip connected to Coastal. It was Gus. He had been hit by a car and in very, very bad shape. Our attempts (as well as the shelter’s) to connect with his owners were unsuccessful. With a skull fracture, multiple lacerations, and a broken pelvis, he was rescued by our selfless volunteers and driven straight to the hospital. 3 days later, Gus underwent surgery to repair his broken pelvis. His other bones would heal on their own. For over a week, Gus was unable to move his back legs. He wasn’t able to go to the bathroom on his own. He lay on his bed in the hospital, cowering any time someone got close. He was so afraid, and he was refusing to eat.. See more German Shepherds in San Diego

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