The 11 Best Dog Breeds Of All

Dogs with good temperament

These family-friendly dog breeds make the perfect addition to any homeBringing a new dog into your home is a big deal. Sure, it's exciting but there are so many factors to consider, especially when you're bringing a dog into a home with kids. Sadly, up to 70 percent of dog bite victims are children, and 61 percent of these bites take place at home or in another familiar place. As scary as this sounds, many of these accidents can be prevented if you take the time to research the breed you are bringing into your home.

11. Bulldog

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The bulldog has a sturdy build that is perfect for kids who like to roughhouse. Only between 12 and 16 inches in height and weighing about 50 pounds, the bulldog is comfortable living in large houses as well as apartments. However, he won't win any awards for most energetic dog. A docile, friendly and loyal dog, he gets along well with dogs and other pets too.

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But their temperament with kids is all but famous. As intimidating as they look, they're friendly and gentle with kids and known for their guarding capabilities and courage.

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