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The GSDCA-WDA is an affiliate of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. (GSDCA), and assists it in developing an American Working Dog Program. The GSDCA-WDA manages the selection of the IPO dog/handler teams to represent the GSDCA in the World Championships. Many of the members of the GSDCA-WDA organization are officers, directors and members of the GSDCA.

  • An association with some of the country’s finest breeders and trainers.
  • A national organization of clubs dedicated to the training, showing and trialing of German Shepherd Dogs.
  • Highly qualified American and German trial and show judges (furnished through the SV, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany), seminars, trials and shows held under International rules.
  • Local, regional and national shows and trials.
  • The opportunity to compete in foreign championship trials as a representative of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.
  • A North American Sieger Show sponsored by the GSDCA-WDA with SV judges and SV recognized titles including Sieger and Siegerin.
  • German-style conformation shows judged by SV judges with SV recognized show ratings.
  • Breed Surveys (Körung) conducted by SV Körmeisters with SV recognized Kör ratings.

In addition to joining as an individual GSDCA-WDA member, we encourage our members to join or form local GSDCA-WDA training clubs. IPO training is ideal for the club or group atmosphere where equipment is available and experienced trainers can share their understanding of the sport. Clubs offer an opportunity for you to become involved in the very challenging and rewarding sport of IPO. Any number of personal goals can be fulfilled such as recreation, competition, a better understanding of dog training, or simply the development of a dog into a sound, well-rounded companion.

Join the GSDCA-WDA now!

Complete the printable GSDCA-WDA Membership Application form and mail it to the GSDCA-WDA Office at the address noted on the application. Click below to see the form.

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