Seven Dogs That Look Like

What dogs looks like a German Shepherd?

Because of their German Shepherd appearance and heritage, Shiloh Shepherds may end up targeted for "banning" in certain areas, or refusal of homeowner insurance policies. The legal liabilities of owning any breed that looks intimidating and has a history as a guardian dog should be seriously considered. Shiloh Shepherds are usually calm, sensible, non-aggressive dogs, but the reality is that people are quicker to sue when dogs of their general appearance do anything even remotely questionable.

To learn more about training Shiloh Shepherds to be calm and well-behaved, consider my dog training book, Teach Your Dog 100 English Words.

It's a unique Vocabulary and Respect Training Program that will make your Shiloh Shepherd the smartest, most well-behaved companion you've ever had.

Teaches your dog to listen to you, to pay attention to you, and to do whatever you ask him to do.

My dog buying guide, Dog Quest: Find The Dog Of Your Dreams, will teach you everything you need to know about finding a healthy Shiloh Shepherd. Health problems have become so widespread in dogs today that this book is required reading for ANYONE who is thinking of getting a purebred, crossbred, or mixed breed dog.

Once you have your Shiloh Shepherd home, you need to KEEP him healthy - or if he's having any current health problems, you need to get him back on the road to good health.

Raise your dog the right way and you will be helping him live a longer, healthier life while avoiding health problems and unnecessary veterinary expenses.

When you're acquiring a Shiloh Shepherd PUPPY, you're acquiring potential - what he one day will be. So "typical breed characteristics" are very important.

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