Black Male German Shepherd

Black male German Shepherd

Dog's Name: Boo - Boo

Approx Age/Date of Birth:

Coat Colour and Length: Long Haired all black medium size german shepherd
Neutered: Neutered
Identity: Microchipped
Basic Commands / Lead Training

Very basic commands were present during the assessment, he is also walked on a collar and lead, he does not really like to be off lead and expected to run off he will stick by your side, we would say this is alittle confidence issue which needs to be worked on some more.

Notes on how the dog reacts to dogs: Boo Boo currently lives with another dog and there is no aggression from Boo Boo at all towards any dogs - unfortunately as he has been having some fits in the past the other dog has started to attack him with seeing him in distress, and for the safety of boo boo the owners have said to rehome him to a home which will not put him at risk.
Notes on how the dog reacts to cats: No experience with living amongst cats - so we would suggest a cat free home or outside cats which have easy access/escape areas to get away from the dog if need be.
How the dog reacts to people in general and strangers: A lovely happy friendly boy which greets you in a happy bouncy way - he does have alittle seperation anxiety when left but he will just wimper for a few minutes then settle down. overall a lovely young boy.
How the dog reacts to children / limitations with children:

Boo Boo is currently happily living with a child which is 9years old, so we would be happy to rehome with children of this age or older.

Grooming experience: Is groomed and this will need to be kept on top of with new owners with him being long haired he is ok to be brushed - no issues.

Current Location of Dog:


Currently with the owner in the Nottinghamshire area
Medical History/Current medical issues:

**Boo-Boo Has a medical issue which will probably be life long. He is suffering with Epilesy, but the medication he is now on is working well and he has not had a fit in over a month, the current owners are willing to help towards any mecial costs to do with his current medical condtion as this will not be covered under any insurance claims in the future with it a current problem now.

He is settling on the current trialled medication so fingers crossed he will just need some blood tests now and again to make sure the doseage is still suiting him - as mentioned the current owners are happy to help with the financial side of this.

Flea'd n/a

Wormer Due n/a

Transporting/Riding in a car: He does ride in a car ok - he will pace alittle in the beginning but will settle down once you get going a distance.
Assessors Notes: BooBoo is a very handsome big loveable boy. He greets you with such a kindness you can't help but melt and adore him. BooBoo is happy to come for some fuss but he is also independent and loves to lay in the room with you. His owners have advised that he does suffer with separation anxiety and will whine but this does stop after around 15 minutes. He is never left more than 2 hours at any one time. This boy comes across very loyal and will offer his new family a whole new world of love. BooBoo is very dog friendly but it is advised by his owners he is better with smaller dogs. When playing in the garden with BooBoo he didn't seem too interested in his ball he would rather have some love and fuss from us all. I believe BooBoo is a ladies man and does take a shine to the girls. He is quite happy to come and give smooches. Overall I think he is an amazing boy who has a lot of love to give and will make everyone happy.

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