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German Shepherds guard Dog

Yes. I was raised with a German Shepherd at a very young age. You should know that German Shepherds are very protective of children and property, which can be a good thing, but can also be problematic in other ways.

They do not need special training to be good protectors, and should not be trained as guard dogs for families. Pups need to be well socialized like any other dog from a very young age and continuously throughout their life in order to be confident, well-adjusted dogs.

Training should start early as well at anywhere from 8-10 weeks and consist of positive reinforcement without the use of dominance or aversive tools and methods to avoid making the dog fearful or aggressive.

German Shepherds are very intelligent, sensitive, alert and loyal dogs. They generally bond most to one particular person, but also make great family dogs. Like any dog, children must never be left alone unsupervised with the dog, and they must be taught from an early age how to safely and appropriately interact with the dog.

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