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German Shepherd guard Dog Signs

When placed in discernible locations, such as entrances, walkways and backdoors – these Guard Dog Signs make sure your message gets across to the visitors. A conspicuous Guard Dog Sign is a proactive security tool. Potential offenders don’t even need to see the actual dog; positioning the Guard Dog Signs well will do the trick to scare them off. These Guard Dog Signs will also warn others to practice caution, in case the owner is not present.

For communities and large private properties, Guard dogs are a blessing. They can cover the security of large areas easily and minimize human efforts. Ensure that visitors are made aware of aggressive dogs in nearby vicinity with the help of bright Guard Dog Signs; or else it could land you in trouble.

Signs that focus on having dogs on the premises, such as Guard Dog Signs and Beware of Dog Signs are not just handy tools to keep suspicious people at bay. Clear Guard Dog Signs will also help you with the legal battles, if any, in case your dog attacks someone. People who ignore a prominently posted Guard Dog Sign or a Beware of Dog Sign perhaps won’t blame the dog owner for any grievance. A quotable instance is of a Maryland delivery man who ignored a "Guard Dog on Duty" sign at the warehouse. He was badly bitten by the German Shepherd guard dog that definitely was on duty. On suing, the court concluded that the man "voluntarily left his place of safety" and consciously took the risk of injury. Fence Security Sign

Fence Security Sign

A few other states like Washington D.C. accept clearly posted Dog Warning Signs as affirmative defense in favor of the dog owner along with other important evidence (RCW 9A.20.021).

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