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Black, Brown, Yellow Female German Shepherd Details

Lace is a two-and-a-half-year-old, plush-coated, German Shepherd Dog. She is a friendly affectionate and precious girl. Lace is fostered with other dogs, large and small. She has basic obedience including “stay, ” “shake, ” “out of the kitchen” and “outside.” Lace will do well with a male companion of the same size/age. She has lived with cats. If you would like to adopt Lace, please visit our web siteand apply today! PLEASE NOTE: The info contained within this biography is based on observations from the current foster home. In no way can we predict future behavior and or temperament as individual household dynamics vary greatly, and are impacted by the experience and leadership of those within the home. The 1st step in the adoption process is to visit our web siteand submit an application: A volunteer will review your application, shortly.. See more German Shepherds in Seattle

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