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Miguel at 28wThe consequences of this biggest flaw of Obedience Training are manifold: from plain "potty accidents" to destroyed furniture at home, from running off and not coming when called to attacking children or the postman or anyone else when outdoors.

While dog owners routinely notice the ramifications of Obedience Training in their own home (although they don't relate them to the form of training they chose to undertake), the ramifications that Obedience Training has for the society as a whole are on an entirely different level: The mauling of children and adults by dogs wouldn't happen if a) the dog owners are always with their dog (which obviously they can't), or b) the dog owners use Behavior Training far more than Obedience Training.

What is the alternative to Obedience Training?

Noticing the inherent flaws of Obedience Training, Tim Carter as the founder of MYGERMANSHEPHERD.ORG realized at the beginning of the third millennium that we currently share, that Obedience Training needs to be replaced by something better. Something that better meets the dog's inherited traits and psychology. Something that doesn't mislead dog owners into believing that they have trained their dog (or that a professional dog trainer has trained their dog) when all that has been done is to entice or to frighten the dog while you were there, or while the trainer was there.

This is why Tim Carter developed Behavior Training to better meet the needs of the modern dog owner. And although you can find a few professional dog trainers who now use the term Behavior Training, when you look at their actual offering you see that it is nothing but Obedience Training.

What means Behavior Training?

Behavior Training as we understand it means that we behave in a way that motivates the dog to behave the way we want. Building up this intrinsic motivation is the reason why this kind of dog training takes longer, but also why then the dog routinely behaves the same, regardless whether we are there or not.

Our Behavior Training is void of the idea of "obedience" and "disobedience". There is no reward and no punishment for behavior. When you think about it, reward and punishment for dog behavior don't even make sense because dogs naturally behave different than people. So why reward or punish nature? Dog owners really have been misled for decades.

Instead, with our form of Behavior Training we merely change our own behavior when we are unhappy with the dog's behavior. And we change our own behavior in a way that motivates the dog to behave the way we want. This means we must be able to be conscious and self-critical of our own behavior, and we must be able to read the dog's body language. Note that dogs learn everything from what we do, and next to nothing from what we say. When you think "the dog learned my command", then the dog really learned from your body language.

In short, our proprietary form of Behavior Training raises dogs that ultimately want to behave the way we want (well) - and thus they do so out of routine - while all forms of Obedience Training raise dogs that very quickly understand that they have to behave the way we want (to get a treat or to not get punished) - and thus they do so only when they know they are being closely monitored.

The implications of using this different dog training approach

The fundamental differences in these approaches to dog training also have significant implications, the most striking of which is: A behavior-trained dog that is fully house-trainedcan safely be left alone at home while the dog has free run of the house and property. While with a purely obedience-trained dog you cannot, you rely on luck, and sometimes you come back and you will find that the dog deranged or destroyed something in your home, or attacked small children or whatever.

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