Blue German Shepherds

German Shepherd puppies for sale Near me

My German Shepherds are quality dogs selectively bred for the discriminating buyer.
They are from Working American and working Import European bloodlines. They
have degrees or certifications in obedience, herding, agility, temperament tests,
search&rescue, and police work, as well as work as Therapy and
Service dogs. Many of them have titles and work in multiple areas which shows their
versatility, adaptability, and ease of learning. My dogs are trained with positive
reinforcement. They work because they want to and it is all a game to them and
enjoyment to me.
They have loyal temperaments with natural protective instincts and have a strong
willingness to be trained. They have heavy bone with well balanced bodies, and
straight backs. They are working style dogs not show dogs.
Males are 90-130 lbs. and females are 70-100 lbs.
Our puppies are raised in our home and handled from day 1 by immediate family. At 4
weeks old they start to be handled by friends, strangers to them.
They are exposed to many noises such as TV, radio, vacuum, washed, dryer, lawn
mower or snow blower, cars, fans and the occasional dropped pan, etc.
They are experience with many different surfaces such as cement, carpet,
vinyl, gravel, grass, paper, rubber and water in a baby pool.
They are exposed to the different outdoor elements for the time of year. So the first
time they see and feel rain or snow or wind is not when you are trying to housebreak
All dogs drink filtered water, Our personal dogs eat a raw diet and the puppies are
allowed to get some too. The puppies are paper trained and started with outside potty

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