German Shepherd Lab Puppy

German Shepherd Lab puppies for sale

By: brichillin4life | voted for German Shepherd | 20 months ago

Love the true family loyalty and protective nature. Understand dogs instincts and roots and you'll understand GSD. I have a pure black boy and had 2 males before him. Never another breed I felt so intune and safe with both with them and my surroundings.

By: Blake Rowell1 | voted for Labrador Retriever | 19 months ago

Very friendly with all animals and children my mom i and my sister all have chocolate labs.

By: Karan Mitroo | voted for Labrador Retriever | 20 months ago

I own a Labrador retriever and i can say it with all due respect to GSDs that Lab retriever are the most friendly and loving dogs i have ever came across. They love you, your family and at the same time protects you as well. And moreover, they are so damn cute! No Comparison in that.

By: Neeraj Raj | voted for Labrador Retriever | 2 years ago

I have two dogs both are labrador.both are so frndly and lovable but when they are young they are very naughty one day when i woke in the morning i saw mu phone into pieces it was done by them .but one thing is there they are part of my family .

By: Aniketh hegde | voted for Labrador Retriever | 21 months ago

Labs are the best and very loyal and also easier to train..only problem being their food habits

By: Mithun Bhattacharjee1 | voted for German Shepherd | 24 months ago

i have both the dogs both are 7 month old..but my gsd possesses some out of the world things and also he is very curious as for our saftey so my vote goes to german shepard.but LAB is a brilliant breed.

By: Elizabeth Morton1 | voted for German Shepherd | 2 years ago

GS should get a lot more credit in temperament. There is more to them than just being a robot. I have seen and have a loving GS, energetic, playful, gentle with other dogs/ puppies. I went with a GS over a lab when it came to adopting because I wanted intelligence, strength, protectiveness, gentleness, loving, loyal, playful, and energetic dog. Until you have owed a GS you have no idea how amazing they are. Might I add they are one of the top 3 most intelligent breeds. The Lab fails to that comparison.

CommentsBy: shobhityadav69

German shepherd i s the best in the world

By: surojitbanerjee11 | voted for Labrador Retriever | 2 years ago

this is good dog for family, it is quite gentle, loving, playful, good temperament, good healthy type of dog. .

By: Prathamesh Mainikar | voted for Labrador Retriever | 2 years ago

i like both lab and gsd, i have both at my house. they are very loyal

By: bunny bobby | voted for Labrador Retriever | 2 years ago

guys guys! v all know that these labs are more friendly! GErmanshepherds are for people with loads of experience and are in contact with trainers. Cheak out their sizes. Seriously? Note very First-pet safe. Labradors are easy to train, friendly and love kids while germans only top quality is a guard dog which will scare away all your guests. Go with Labradors if you have a familly. Oh and one more thing! Labs dont chase cats. GSDs do.


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