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The German Sheprador is a breed of dog created by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a German Shepherd. A large-sized dog with either a long or a heavy compact stature, the sheprador has some common traits of both its parent breeds. Its head is similar to that of a Lab but has a comparatively long muzzle with dark brown eyes and soft floppy ears. It has medium-sized feet just like its shepherd parent while its tail can either be round with tapering at the tip, or long and fluffy.

Temperament and Behavior

The sheprador’s friendly, lovable, and loyal disposition along with its love for human interaction comes from the Labrador Retriever breed. Being sociable and devoted by nature, it enjoys spending time with its owner and other family members. It is gentle and patient with children and love playing with them. If trained properly, the puppies can learn to mingle freely with other pets.

This even-tempered dog, valued for its intelligence and kindness, makes an outstanding family companion. If it is often kept separated for long hours, it suffers from boredom and may show signs of separation anxiety. Its distinctive personality, marked by its attentiveness and alertness, makes it a potent protector suitable for guarding and watching.


As a highly energetic breed, the shepradors need lots of mental as well as physical stimulation to keep them from boredom. Long daily walks will suit them fine, as also running and playing in fenced yards and parks. They will also enjoy interactive playing sessions with a ball, stick or Frisbee. Thus, they are well suited to active and committed owners.
These average shedders need moderate maintenance with regular brushing to keep their fur healthy and shiny. A shedding blade could be used to get rid of dead hairs during the shedding season. Check their eyes frequently for any possible discharge, which you can wipe off using a moist tissue paper. Their transparent nails are hard to clip. You can take the help of a professional groomer.
Reportedly, the German Shepherd Lab mix is prone to some health conditions that are common in its parent breeds. Therefore, watch out for elbow and hip dysplasia, degenerative eye disorders, allergic infections, diabetes, and neurological conditions.


These are fast learners and can master new tricks in no time, which makes training them relatively easy. Innovative training methods supported by rewards are something they will enjoy. Socialization, obedience, and foundational agility training should start early. Providing lots of plush toys will keep them from exhibiting some destructive behaviors like biting and chewing household items.


You can provide your sheprador with all types of dog foods that are usually given to large dog breeds, except salmon, beef (especially veal), and chicken, which may cause skin allergies in your pet. Since they tend to gain weight easily, always avoid overfeeding. 3-4 cups of good quality dry kibble supported with an adequate quantity of fresh water are sufficient.

Interesting Facts

  • These dogs are great swimmers just like their Labrador and German Shepherd parents.
  • They are often used for search and rescue, police work, tracking, retrieving, racing, and agility.

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