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The America Alsatian was created originally in 1987 by Lois Denny in southern California. The breed was created to be the first large breed dog purely for companionship purposes. The American Alsatian was bred to resemble the now extinct Dire Wolf in size, bone structure and general wolf-like appearance. The breed was originally called the North America Shepalute which changed to Alsatian Shepalute in 2004. However, as of February 21, 2010, the breed became recognized as the American Alsatian. The breed was created by selectively breeding Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd Dog, English Mastiff, Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. This breed was first registered in 1988 by the National American Alsatian Registry. No attempts to pursue any major kennel club recognition have been made.


The American Alsatian male will reach heights between 25-28 inches and will weigh between 79-120 pounds. The female American Alsatian will mature between 24-27 inches tall and weigh in between 75-100 pounds.


The American Alsatian's double coat is thick and medium in length and will come in colors of gold, silver, black sable or cream. Black or white markings are quite rare, the most common are silver sable markings. The undercoat of the American Alsatian is very dense and will shed out entirely during the spring and summer months. The outer coat is coarse to the touch and will appear light colored with black tips.


The American Alsatian is a calm and quiet breed of dog. They are not 'barkers' or 'whiners', nor are they prone to digging or running along the fence. The Alsatian is not a fearful or aggressive dog and will rarely initiate play without encouragement. They will not be bothered by thunderstorms or gunshots. They are a friendly breed, however, they can be aloof when it comes to strangers.


The American Alsatian is extremely loyal to its family and are good with children as well as other pets. They are a watchful and intelligent breed and like to be with the family. Due to this, the American Alsatian is not the type to run off in the neighborhood. They will prefer to stay close to their pack and the comforts of home.


The American Alsatian is well suited for any living situation, as they do not require a large amount of space. The breed, however, is not well suited to extreme heat due to their thick undercoat. An American Alsatian in a hot climate will require large quantities of water and shade. The American Alsatian will require brushing once or twice a year to remove dead hair once the undercoat begins to shed. The average life expectancy for the American Alsatian is 12-14 years. This breed has very minimal health issues. There have been no record of eye, ear or hip dysplasia issues in the breed since its development. The largest health risks involved with the American Alsatian are extreme arthritis (0.1% incident rate) and seizures (0.5% incident rate).


The American Alsatian is an intelligent breed and responds to light correction and the softest of sounds. As stated previously, this breed is very observant and bright and will learn quickly. However, a firm and consistent pack master is always required. These dogs are very alert to sounds and movement and have been used as epilepsy detection, therapy and search and rescue dogs.


The American Alsatian does not require a large amount of exercise but does need a daily walk. They are quiet and calm throughout most of the day and do very well as therapy dogs. The breed was not created with the intention of working. The American Alsatian will be slow and awkward when asked to work. The American Alsatian will do well left alone for long periods of time with minimal activity. The Alsatian does not like extreme heat and does better in colder climates.

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