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German Shepherd male dog names and meanings

Native American words and names evoke powerful images of courage and the forces of nature. These 99 meaningful words make unique names for dogs, both large and small alike.

For strong male dogs, I like names that conjure images of the animal kingdom of the Wild West. Bears, buffalo, and wolves were revered in Native American cultures, and these lyrical names can bestow health and long life on their namesakes.

For names, I have canvased native languages from around the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. Feel free to add your own name suggestions in the comments section.

Originally one of the most populous and widespread Native American groups, the Algonquins ranged over much of the Northeast and throughout Canada and the Great Lakes region.

Today, several hundred thousand Americans identify themselves with the Algonquin tribes, which include the Miami, Sauk, Lenape (aka Delaware), Cree, Ottawa, Potawatomi, Mahican, Arapaho, Blackfoot, and Cheyenne, among many others.

The Algonquin language unifies the many tribes with variations from region to region.


Translated from Apache, Cochise means "Strength of an Oak." An Apache leader and fighter against expansion by both the Mexicans and the Americans, he is second only to Geronimo as an Apache war leader.

Hollywood and television have had an ongoing fascination with Cochise and his only white friend, Tom Jeffords, in films such as Broken Arrow and Fort Apache.


Translated from his native Apache tongue, Geronimo means "One Who Yawns." His mother, wife, and children were killed by Mexican troops in 1858, and he sought revenge over the next 25 years, fighting against both American and Mexican settlers and troops in his territory.

Feared and highly respected in the art of war, Geronimo was eventually forced to settle on a reservation himself. He died in 1909 and was considered a prisoner of war.

Chief Crazy Horse

One of the best-known Native American warriors, Chief Crazy Horse also had visions that brought him strength and courage in battle. He was named "Ogle Tonka Un" or "shirt wearer" by the Lakota, meaning "war leader."

His battle with General George Crook, the Battle of the Rosehead, while not significant in loss of life, managed to delay the US Army from joining General Custer's troops at Little Big Horn, thus ensuring Custer's defeat.


The iconic hero of the Shawnee, Tecumseh dreamed of an independent Native American nation located in present-day Indiana. He recruited other tribes to join them, and in the War of 1812 they aligned themselves with the British. Together with the British, they defeated Ft. Detroit. However in 1813, Tecumseh was killed in battle and his league of tribes disintegrated with his death.

William Tecumseh Sherman was named for the great Shawnee chief, and was known to his close friends and family simply as "Cump."


An Ottowa leader, Pontiac lead a rebellion against the British government in 1763, known now as Pontiac's Rebellion. Pontiac, Michigan and the automobile company are named for him.

The Cherokee are identified with the Southeast of the United States. They speak an Iroquoian language, suggesting that they migrated from the Northeastern part of the continent. Today over 800, 000 people identify themselves as having Cherokee blood in their heritage.

Considered one of the Five Civilized Tribes, the Cherokee were eventually the first Native Americans to gain US citizenship. Many of the Cherokee who did not wish to assimilate were relocated to the Oklahoma territories following the passage of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The relocation was known as the Trails of Tears, as many died of starvation and exhaustion during the march.

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