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The Dutch Shepherd is a medium-sized, highly intelligent and independent breed of dog. Guardian of the herd, this dog is a trustworthy, reliable and responsible companion of the pack. Being very active and sporty type, they are excellent with farmers and ranchers to support their large livestock. The build seems adequate to deter and ward off any predator while light in weight enough to be carried on shoulders when necessary. This hardy breed has waterproof coat to protect from weather and other environmental elements. This true working dog helped the farmers in earning livelihood while continuously protecting and herding its charge. This breed is exemplary loyal, companionable, sociable, affectionate and caring towards its family. They crave for human interaction; it is simply true for them that they would suffer separation anxiety if kept in isolation for a long time. They are curious to strangers, protective, alert and active besides playful companion of children. The breed is easy to train, eager to please, willing, submissive and easygoing. This perfect watchdog needs experienced owner for socialization.

Dutch Shepherd Dog History

This versatile working dog was developed in 19th century and had been working as a herding dog, farm dog, security guard dog, police dog and property guard for many years. The breed is much popular in its native country Holland, it bears similarity with Belgian Shepherd, the dog from same gene pool. German Shepherd is also from same line. Alike all other counterparts, this breed too is a jack of all trades. The breed is much appreciated and being utilized still as farm guard, herding, guarding of flock, cart-puller, police assistant and passionate companion of family. Although its talents are highly demanded, yet found very rare, very less in known outside its country of origin. They have different varieties with respect to their coat size, shape and textures which were defined when the dog put to shows quite 100 years ago.


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