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German Shepherd boy dog names

So you finally found the dog you want to be part of your family for years to come and it is now time to decide on a name! Naming your dog is an important step, after all it needs to suit him as a puppy and as he matures into an adult dog. It also needs to be a name you are happy saying and hearing a lot each day! What we name our dogs also says a lot about who we are. When you are out in the dog park calling for Edward or Bella, or perhaps Darth Vader or Yoda you are giving a clue to other dog owners about your own likes and personality. Once it was the case that dog names were separate from our names. Nowadays rather than using names for dogs like Rover more owners are using people names. Sometimes people will name their dogs after other famous animals or people but it can also help to think about what a name means and match that up with your dog.

According to live statistics of PETMD, the largest pet website, In the first quarter of 2016 Gus is at the top of the 150 most popular male dog names.

Here is a look at the 150 most popular male dog names so far in 2016 and what their meaning is.

Rank Name Meaning
Gus Character in Lonesome Dove
Trapper Good name for a hunting dog
Finn The name Finn comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Finn is: Fair. Mythology; Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were named Finians
Cooper Cooper means cuddles to me and fun!
Bailey Bailey got his name originally simply because he was a similar colour to the drink
Boomer Strong bold outgoing always returns home also Boomerang
Otto Good German name.
Hawkeye For a dog with keen eyesight
Wrigley Home field of the Chicago Cubs
10 Ace Batmans dog
11 Butch Macho manly
12 Lucky Be saved as a puppy of the street lucky to be alive
13 Axel Father of peace
14 Gunner Gunnar is a male first name of Nordic origin The name Gunnar means fighter soldier and attacker but mostly is referred to by the Viking saying which means Brave and Bold warrior
15 Diesel Full of energy and power
16 Delgado German Shepherds name in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua
17 Max Fun and happy
18 Evan The name Evan is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Evan is: Stone
19 Buddy Keep it up or my best friend
20 Ricky In English the meaning of the name Ricky is: Abbreviation of Richard 'powerful; strong ruler.' Also a, meaning gifted ruler, people ruler, aOld German Theodoric. "
21 Bentley In English the meaning of the name Bentley is: Derived from a surname and place name referring to a clearing covered with coarse grass. From the bent grass meadow. "
22 Czar The name Czar is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Czar is: Emperor
23 Chad In English the meaning of the name Chad is: Protector; defender. English form of a Welsh name meaning battle or warring. Famous bearer: 7th- century bishop St Chad founded the Samaritans, a charitable organization providing service for the suicidal and despairing.
24 Coco Coco was a gift sent from heaven
25 AJ A stands for a leader a kind dog a loving dog J stands for just so cute just so kind Its a wonderful name for a dog
26 Rocky Boxer in the movie series Rocky
27 Jake Love a best friend one and only friend
28 Maximus Strong and mighty
29 CJ Cj' is an abbrievative name usually based a person's initials
30 Moose Moose's origin is English-American. The meaning of the name is resembling the animal; a big, strong man.
31 Dodge My dads truck
32 Charlie Of French origin also Charles or Charley
33 Cody Loving kind and gentle soul with intuitive instincts for others feelings or thoughts
34 Dexter The name of a fictional serial killer on the TV series Dexter
35 Bear A big strong kind of dog
36 Jack Best dog ever
37 Angus Scottish name meaning First Choice Good name for the pick of the litter
38 Spencer Its a name of kindness and unconditional love for your special pet it means wise and strength majestic beauty
39 Otis The name Otis just suits this little guy He is charm itself
40 Brody The wise one
41 Tucker Slang for food in Australia as in I must get home to get me some tucker something you cant live without
42 Blue Dog on childrens show BluesClues
43 Amos Strength descendant of Christ
44 Sam He was (God rest his beautiful, perfect soul) named after a good friend of mine of whom I regarded as loyal, honest and genuine."
45 Blitzen I rescued him during Christmas time
46 Biscuit For the dog who loves treats
47 Fritz German masculine name
48 Grommit Dog from cartoonWallace and Gromit"
49 Emmet In German the meaning of the name Emmett is: Powerful.
50 Shamus The name Shamus is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name Shamus is: Irish supplanter.
51 Klaus Strong loyal loving
52 Scout little girl in the book 'to kill a mockingbird'
53 Oliver Cutest breed I've ever seen!
54 Huck Though forever tied to Huck, short for Huckleberry, Finn, this is an undeniably cute short form that may...

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