Shepherd Mixes

Australian Boxherds weigh between 45 to 70 pounds. They have dense medium-length coats that are water repellent. The color of their fur ranges from solid colors such as black, chocolate and golden to multicolored such as speckled, brindled and spotted. They are agile, obedient dogs, which makes them suitable for search and rescue, police work and as watch dogs. They tend to have the shorter snouts associated with boxers, but their body type ranges between the muscular frame of the boxer and streamlined shape of Australian shepherds.

Australian boxherds are very energetic dogs. They need a lot of outdoor exercise. They do best with large fenced yards. However, they do not like extremes of temperature, so they need access to the indoors.

Australian boxherds like to please their people. Coupled with the fact that they are intelligent, this makes them easy to train. The best method of training is establishing a human as a pack leader with fair, consistent and gentle procedures. They are overall seen as affectionate, sweet dogs not given too much to mischief. They do have a tendency to greet their owners with exuberance.

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