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NEW HAVEN > A male German Shepherd mix dog was found weak and emaciated, wrapped in a tarp beside a dumpster in Fair Haven Sunday, according to a rescue group.

Glorianne Lagnese, president of Super Paws Rescue, said a neighbor contacted the group with a photo of the dog.

“The dog is really sick and he wasn’t walking, ” Lagnese said.


She said it is the volunteers’ understanding that the dog’s caretaker, who is not the owner“picked him up and put him outside and assumed he would be dead in the morning.”

Lagnese said she was en route to see Frank around 2 p.m., Monday but judging from photos she would estimate the dog was 40 pounds, about half the weight of a healthy adult dog of his breed.

Lagnese said Frank has “lost all body mass, and he can barely even lift his head.”

Officer David Hartman, spokesman for the New Haven Police Department, said he could not comment because the city’s animal shelter had received no complaints related to the dog. Without an address for Frank’s owner, he said, he did not have any information readily available.

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