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Although you can’t consider the German Shepherd Lab Mix a breed of their own, they are very beautiful and sturdy dogs. This mix of two of the most popular working dogs in the world come together to make one fine animal. These high energy canines are very active and require a lot of space to run around in. The German Shepherd Lab Mix has now become a common hybrid dog and many people have them as family pets.

They are Very Loyal to Their Owners

These dogs are very loyal to their owners and will protect them no matter what the threat may be. So if you are going to own one of these dogs you need to consider this before bringing the animal home. They need a little extra care in order to balance out this dominating loyalty but when properly trained they make great family pets that get along with everyone. In fact, many people who own these dogs also have children in the home as well. But remember to socialize these dogs when they are puppies in order from them to grow up to be well rounded adults.

They Love Exercise and Enrichment

Since these dogs come from two high energy working dog breeds, they are going to need a lot of exercise. They also need their own toys to play with so they don’t end up eating your shoe. So make sure to take them for long walks each every day in order from them to be happy and healthy. This dog is a great animal for those of you who have active lifestyles. If you love to hike or run in the park these dogs would love to go along with you. When it comes to the great outdoors, these dogs feel right at home.

These Dogs are Also Known by an Alternative Name

These beautiful dogs have a funny alternative name that many people are starting to call this animal. The German Sheprador is a new name that many breeders are using to refer to these dogs. This cute name combination helps these animals standout from the rest. Breeders also use this alternative name to brand these dogs in hopes to draw people into buying them. While this dog may never be considered a separate breed, there are people working towards this goal. So one day you just might see one of these animals at a dog show being awarded best in show!

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