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German Shepherd Husky mix puppies

The Gerberian Shepsky is a crossbreed that has developed by mixing the German Shepherd with the Siberian Husky dogs. Like all other crosses, this breed too possesses a mixture of the characteristics of both its parents. However, as a genetic rule, only the traits of one of the dominant breeds exclusively prevail in the resultant breed, and the Gerberian Shepsky too is no exception. But generally speaking, these designer dogs are very intelligent, alert and social, like their parent breeds, and can make good family dogs.

Temperament and Behavior

This Husky German Shepherd mix is devoted and loyal to its owner and his family. Like its German shepherd parent, it is a natural protector, however, at times, it might tend to become over-protective as well. For this reason, it is also advisable not to leave too young kids with them alone because over-possessiveness and too much of protection might lead to unpleasant incidents. They have a fearless heart, and are also alert and brave. These are working dogs, and have a good ability to guard their families. Otherwise, they are good with kids and other pets. They are not always comfortable with strangers, and might at times get wary of them.

They are high-spirited and are basically intelligent, and would enjoy learning new things. Their striking intelligence has also made them to be the right choice for different services including those related to police, military, herding, search & rescue operations, watch and guard dog as well. Being the offspring of two breeds that are used to cold temperatures, the gerberians also do much better in colder climates, and are not a good choice for owners living near desert regions. Those that are left alone for too long tend to become quite vocal and howl frequently.


They love jogging and running, and would easily make you a good jogger if you think you hate to run. This is also something that they need. Take them out for long walks and jogs since they are dogs of loads of energy and the need to burn them out, or else, they would tend to become destructive. They love you and want you to take interest in what they like. Take part in activities and release your dog from its leash in an open yard. However, make sure, the place is securely fenced.
The frequency of grooming completely depends upon what coat type your gerberian has. However, because they have a double coat, brush them at least 2-3 times a week on an average. This will surely remove their dead hair and maintain the natural sheen, enhancing secretion of body oils.

You must also keep in mind another thing. These dogs hate water to be poured over them, and hence, do not bathe them as long as you are too sure that they actually need one. They also have a tendency developing ear wax. Clean their ears if you find the same collected. But for this, an expert hand of a professional is recommended.

Otherwise fit like most other cross breeds, the gerberian shepsky is not immune to pick up dog diseases that are common to all other breeds, especially those that are large-sized. They might also develop issues that are genetically forwarded from their parents down to them.


If the gerberian shepskies are more inclined towards the side of their husky parents, it tends to be independent and obstinate. For this, a very effective, strong and commanding pack leader is required to train the Siberian Husky German Shepherd mix puppies in a firm but gentle way.

For that, shower them with praises and prizes as and when they be a ‘good’ dog, obey you, shows success in learning tricks. Give them food treats, or show them that you are impressed. This should work more effectively than trying to tame your shepsky in a harsh way.


For the shepskies, the diet would be similar in quality and quantity like most other large breeds like their parent breeds. Be sure that your dog’s meals contain about 25% protein in case of foods that contains grains, while it should be around 30% for grain-free foods.

Most breeds prefer moist foods, and canned foods contain high levels of moisture and are also fresh with better concentrations of proteins and vitamins. This is especially crucial during their years of growth. Also, these dogs have often been seen to be having allergic to regular foods like egg, soy, wheat, lamb, corn, beef, chicken, and dairy products. So, it is also advisable that you know your puppy’s health thoroughly before you begin with feeding it.

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