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German Shepherd Corgi mix puppies

Corgi Shepherd Mix comes from the cross breeding of a Welsh Corgi with a German Shepherd. This breed is commonly referred to as the Corman Shepherd. This is a fairly common cross because these dogs tend to take the best characteristics from the parents.

The Corgi Shepherd Mix gets the German Shepherds coat and pace while maintaining other desirable qualities that both dog breeds have. Intelligence and high activity levels are such two traits that the Corman Shepherd inherit from the parents. The two breeds are originally herding dogs and thus the cross tends to be a clever dog.

When it comes to training, they easily learn new skills. The have an adult weight of around 40-70 pounds and a height of 12-15 inches. They have a life expectancy of around 12-15 years though this may vary a little bit.

Appearance of Corgi Shepherd Mix

The appearance of the is close to the parent breeds. They can either resemble one parent with just some hints of the other or take almost equal qualities from both parents. But generally speaking, the Corman Shepherd is a small dog with short legs justifying the result of a Corgi Shepherd Mix.

The Corgi Shepherd Mix has a sturdy body which is low set. Their frames are well balanced and have a tough physical look. They have long erect ears just as both parents have. The head looks flat and the eyes are almond shaped.

Corgi Shepherd Mix

Coat Color of Corgi Shepherd Mix

A great video by shows how cute these Corgi Shepherd Mix are.

Temperament of Corgi Shepherd Mix

This Corgi Shepherd Mix is particularly known to be highly intelligent and being a herding dog, will tend to control even the owner. This should be discouraged very early in life. It shows aggressiveness to strange dogs and cats. However, if the Corgi Shepherd Mix is well trained it gets along with these different pets as well as with humans.

When the parents of the Corgi German Shepherd Mix have a good temperament and are very loyal to their families, the cross of the two breeds will exhibit these tendencies too. They are capable of reading situations and interpreting them in the correct way especially those that pose a danger to their families.

Health of Corgi Shepherd Mix

Just like all other dog breeds, Corman Shepherds have a few health issues. One of the most common is obesity which leads to a myriad of other problems such as back pains, joint pains and increased risk of cancer. You need to exercise this dog daily and take out in the fields for vigorous exercise at least once a week.

Feed the Corgi Shepherd Mix on quality dog food at specific time in daily basis. They have a huge appetite and their portions need to be strictly controlled. Do not make treating your Corgi Shepherd Mix a habit since they gain weight easily and fast. If you have to, choose a healthy snack that is low on calories.

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