German Shepherd and Lab mix for Sale

Cully the Border-Aussie puppy looking into the distance standing on a tiled floor"Cully the Border-Aussie when he was almost 8 weeks old—his mother is a Border Collie named Blue, for her one blue eye. The father is a red Australian Shepherd, Nash, bred mini, but one inch too tall. I wanted a black and white male. Cully is a tri, but I could not have possibly painted a cuter color job myself."

"We had Border Collies when I was growing up on a farm that were truly working dogs and pets. They were very unique dogs, quirky, funny and really smart. I loved them! The two breeds in this cross have so many similarities, I'm not sure Cully will be any different from the Border Collies for having the Aussie in him. I know that he will not have the jobs to do on our one little acre and living as a house dog that our working dogs had! I plan to do agility training with him and hopefully I'll be able to train him to NOT chase horses so he can go trail riding with me. These dogs need a lot of stimulation and Cully, even at 2 months old, has made that perfectly clear! Already I see that a morning walk will be increasingly more important, but it's tough when the wind chill here in MN dips way below zero some mornings! I would like to teach him to jog on the treadmill as a backup for bad weather days. He has all the instincts of a herder and is slowly learning not to nip our heels. He's really chewy, but I'm sure that will get better too, as long as we are diligent and give him other things to do! My husband thought our house was possibly more suited for a Basset Hound, but I am thrilled with the dog I've been longing for for years!"

Cully the Border-Aussie puppy sleeping in the lap of a person"Harlee the black and white Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix at 10 months old has become a wonderful dog. She is VERY smart, good natured, loyal dog."

"This is our Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix Harlee. I took this pic while she was playing with her mom. She is a very ornery pup! She was about 5 months old in this picture. She loves to wrestle and play very rough!"

"Harlee the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix at 3 months old, resting in the grass after an afternoon of wrestling with a buddy's dog; she was about 3 months old."

"Harlee the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix at 9 weeks old, on her first of several trips from our home in Tulsa, OK to go visit the in-laws in Amarillo, TX"

"Harlee the Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix at 7 weeks old, the night we got her. She was such a sweet puppy!!!"

Close Up - Harlee the Border-Aussie laying on a bed"Jade is an Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mix with more energy than she knows what to do with. We thought we had hid the bag of cat food, but not well enough apparently. We came home and her head was stuck in the empty bag with no evidence of cat food anywhere. We hid the bag of cat food on a piece of plywood above her dog house. The cats could reach it and apparently so could she. She is fairly small but she jumps higher than I see a lot of larger dogs jump. She carries around her tennis ball and drops it in my hand every chance she gets. Jade loves everybody and gets so excited when somebody talks to her. When she can calm down she likes to snuggle and sneak onto my bed. She is incredibly smart and she knows way too many words. Her favorite words are 'Treat, ' 'Car, ' 'Kitty, ' and 'Run/Walk' (she'd much rather run). She's careful now not to stick her head in any bags, but she still loves to eat. She'll eat as much food as we give her."

Harlee the Border-Aussie laying on a couch with its mouth open laying over a persons legs"These pictures are of my three 9-week-old puppies. They are Australian Shepherd / Border Collie mixes. There are two boys (Taz and Pooh Bear) and a girl (Bailey). Taz is the black one and the adventurer. Pooh is the orange one and he is definitely the sweetest. Bailey is the mix-colored one and the most playful. Everyone tells me I am crazy for getting three puppies at once but I couldn't be happier with them. The story is my boyfriend heard about a guy giving some puppies away up the street so we went to go look at them to maybe get one. When we got there they had three left and they all came running to us as cute as can be. We decided to take them home for a while to see how they would do with our older dog which is the same breed mix. When we got them home we knew we couldn't take them back and that was that. "Love at first sight." So far they have been great puppies, very loving and energetic. They like having each other to play with and keep each other company. Although that's all a different story when its dinner time. One big thing I noticed about them is they always want what the other one has."

Pooh Bear, Bailey and Taz, Border Collie / Australian Shepherd hybrid puppies at 9 weeks old (Border-Aussies)

Sheela the Border-Aussie hybrid (Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix) at 6 months old—"She is full of energy, highly intelligent and very funny!"

Sheela the tri-color Border-Aussie mix breed (Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix) puppy at 3 months old

Harlee the Border-Aussie puppy laying on grass with its mouth open Harlee the Border-Aussie Puppy laying on a lot of blankets Harlee the Border-Aussie puppy sitting on a bed with a persons hands around his chest Jade the Border-Aussie sitting in a large outside Cage with its head in an old dog food bag

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