Miniature German Shepherd pictures

When it comes to pint sized dogs that look like their full sized cousins, the Miniature German Shepherd is a very popular variety. But did you know that this dog actually isn’t a German Shepherd at all? In fact, it’s a mix between two different breeds. While these dogs are often sold as small versions of the full gr own breed they are often falsely marketed. Many breeders just want to cash in on the micro-mini fad cross, which is a mixed of full sized German shepherd with another dog breed such as the Border collie and Poodle. While there is nothing wrong with cross breeding two different dogs and selling their offspring. It’s just good business practice to be honest to your customers and tell them what they are actually buying.

Health Issues Can Be Hard To Determine With These Dogs

When you have a purebred animal it’s fairly easy to understand what health issues you might be faced with in the course of the dog’s life. But when you mix two completely separate breeds it can be very difficult to know what they may suffer with in the future. When the two dogs are mixed, you run into a wide range of health issues that could come from either side of the dog’s family. While it is true some mixed breed animals are healthier, others can suffer the worst of post parents getting diseases from both the mother and the father’s DNA. But doing some research on both the parents breed type, you can get somewhat of an understanding as to what your new puppy might face with down the road.

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Miniature German Shepherd
Miniature German Shepherd

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