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Breeding GSD

Checking ear tattoo (Photo courtesy B Stone)

GSDCA Breed Survey Scheme

The GSDCA conducts a nationally accredited Breed Survey Scheme for the betterment of the breed. At 18 months of age or over dogs are presented to a panel of GSDCA Breed Surveyors to be assessed for their worthiness as a breeding prospect. Areas to be assessed cover temperament, character, gun sureness, anatomical attributes, movement and general soundness. Major faults of temperament result in failure of the Breed Survey. Potential breeding partners are recommended according to the outcome. The object of having dogs presented to survey is to ensure the promotion of sound specimens for breeding as an aim to promote soundness of the breed in general. Successfully surveyed dogs are categorised as suitable for breeding and as either Class 1 (for far above the average) or Class 2 (for above average). Dogs which do not meet the criteria for either category are not passed.

Checking height (Photo courtesy DCH)The symbol of * in front of a dog’s name indicates that the dog has been successfully breed surveyed.

Breed Surveys are held regularly by most Affiliate Clubs throughout the year and are also held the day prior to a National Show.

To participate, the applicant must be a member of an affiliated Member Club.

The Regulations Manual Section 3.6 Breed Survey clearly outlines information pertaining to Breed Survey. This should be read in conjunction with the GSDCA Breed Survey Manual.

The weigh-in (Photo courtesy DCH)Click Here for Breed Survey Scheme Forms.

What happens at survey?

Checking ear tattoo (Photo courtesy B Stone) Checking height (Photo courtesy DCH) The weigh-in (Photo courtesy DCH) Checking depth of chest (Photo courtesy DCH)
The gun test (photo courtesy GSDCV/B Stone) Crowd Test (photo courtesy GSDCV/B Stone) Checking dentition (Photo courtesy DCH) The movement assessment

GSDCA Breed Surveyors

GSDCA Breed Surveyors (photo courtesy G Stevenson) 2010

Checking depth of chest (Photo courtesy DCH)The Regulations Manual, Section 6.3 pertains to GSDCA Breed Surveyors.
The criteria and procedure for Aspiring Breed Surveyors please refer to Regulations Manual, Section 6.4 GSDCA Aspiring Breed Surveyors.

National Breed Survey Registrar

The National Breed Survey Registrar has the responsibility for the accurate checking and issuing all of the Breed Survey Certificates.

The Registrar attends all Meetings held by the National Breed Commission and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia meets the airfare and accommodation cost. The GSDCA Breed Survey Manual Section 13.1 details the duties of the Registrar.

Breed Survey Certificates

Breed Survey Certificate (front)Breed Survey Certificate (back)

For animals that are successful in attaining Breed Survey status, the National Breed Survey Registrar transfers all information recorded at the Breed Survey onto a Breed Survey Certificate. This certificate includes the dog’s pedigree, GSDCA Survey No, HD X-ray (result and grading) Elbow X-ray (result and grading) and GSDCA H neg. where applicable. It also contains all the statistical data recorded at the survey and any recommendations and warnings for the possible breeding of the animal are noted on the certificate. The certificate is then sent to the owner.

The gun test (photo courtesy GSDCV/B Stone) Crowd Test (photo courtesy GSDCV/B Stone) Checking dentition (Photo courtesy DCH) The movement assessment

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