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A family had a terrible shock when they took their beloved German Shepherd to a vet with a nose irritation and discovered he had a whapping tumour in his chest the same weight as five bags of sugar.

Sam, the eight-year-old German Shepherd, was taken to Sutterton Vet's Hospital by his owners after suffering an irritation in his nasal passages for the last four months.

The hospital anaesthetised Sam to examine his nose and to take samples to send off to our external laboratory for further investigation.

An x-ray of Sam's chest was taken to rule out any lung issues, but vets noticed a large mass in Sam's abdomen and were astonished by what they found - a massive tumour weighing in at a staggering 5kg.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: The following image may upset some people. Slide to the left to see it.

Could THIS be what's killing our dogs on the beach?

The hospital took to Facebook and wrote: "This was a big shock to his owner. This now became our priority. We contacted the owner and Sam had not been showing any signs of being unwell which is remarkable considering the size of the mass.

"We proceeded to surgery immediately after phoning the owner. The mass was so large it was extremely difficult to remove, however we did manage to remove the mass in full."

Sam recovered well from his surgery and had a much needed visit from his mum and dad that evening.

The hospital added: "Sam was extremely lucky he came in when he did, if the mass had ruptured at home Sam would have become very ill very quickly. It could have been fatal for him. Sam was able to go home the following day.

"A section of the mass was sent to our external laboratory for testing, it came back as a benign tumour which complete removal, as we performed, should be curative.

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