German Shepherd Most Vicious

Dog breeds German Shepherd

By: Rich Allcorn | voted for Golden Retriever | 2 years ago

I'm "researching" for which one I prefer. I love the German Shepherd for their intelligence, focus and protectiveness. The Golden Retriever, however, is a good that seems to excel in being friendly, loving, playful, a true companion and friend.

I recently had a dream that I had a Golden Retriever. We did just about everything together ... rode in my Jeep, went camping, took walks and hikes, swam, and even watched TV together in the floor. After the dream I woke up with such a relaxed and pleasant feeling that I knew it was time for me to get a dog.

By: Cindy Xie | voted for Golden Retriever | 2 years ago

We have golden retriever puppy; very quiet, friendly although sometime a little excited since we let him stay at home maybe too long. It is a lovely dog!! Vote for him :)

By: Sandip Roy1 | voted for German Shepherd | 22 months ago

German shepherd is the best. Intelligence with smartness. They need less care and indeed a good watch dog.

By: Daniel Levi1 | voted for German Shepherd | 21 months ago

german shepherds are simply the best dogs around. Golden retrievers are cool, but shepherds are the next level. so smart, loyal and funny personalities.

By: ferdous adit | voted for German Shepherd | 21 months ago

German shepherd are more inteligent. And they learn too quickly. I have one shepherd and I am happy with him

By: Tapasi Bhattacharya | voted for German Shepherd | 23 months ago

I love both these breeds, but somehow GSD always takes the cake because of their protectiveness and the gravity in their personality.

By: yogita undre | voted for German Shepherd | 20 months ago

german shepered is awesome it is a security dog and it is good for us it is strong and i love it

By: sarnavab | voted for Golden Retriever | 2 years ago

great dog for his intelligence & superb for family companion love this breed for his great nature !

By: Ved Koushik1 | voted for German Shepherd | 2 years ago

Both dogs are good in their own place...but i like German because of his loyalty n protectiveness towards their owner...

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