Border Collie x German

German Shepherd Collie puppies

german shepherd border collie mixThe German Shepherd Border Collie mix is great combination of breeds. This large working dog takes all the positive traits from both the German shepherd and Border collie and as a result it is extremely intelligent and full of energy. This crossbreed has adopted its high energy levels and playfulness from the Border collie and its natural sense of protectiveness from the German shepherd. Their appearance can differ depending on the dominant breed they were crossed with. Usually the German shepherd Border collie mix looks more like a purebred German shepherd rather than a Border collie with its tan colored coat and black saddle and it is often mistaken as a full bred German shepherd. Its tail resembles a Border collie’s which is typically less bushy than that of a purebred German shepherd. The most distinctive feature of this dog is its slightly floppy ears on a German shepherds face. The coat is noticeably hairier than that of a German shepherd; however, its large and muscular body is typical of a purebred. This mixed breed dog has been dubbed a hardworking dog and is known to be one of the most industrious working dog breeds.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix Temperament:
The German shepherd Border collie mix is a gentle dog with people it is familiar with. Its Border collie side is evident through its fun loving nature and energy. This is a dog that likes to interact with humans, especially children. Its German shepherd side is responsible for its protective and instinctive nature. While this dog can be very loving and affectionate it can also be protective of its owners and it is known to bark a lot when strangers approach.

german shepherd border collie mixGerman Shepherd Border Collie Mix size:
The average German shepherd Border collie mix stands at about 27-29 inches (68-73cm) for males and 21-25 inches (53-63cm) for females. This mixed breed is more likely to take its weight from the German shepherd and could weigh up to 75-80lbs (34-37kg) when fully grown.

Health problems:
This mixed breed tends to have fewer health problems than full breed dogs; however, it is possible that they inherit genetic diseases from their parents. Both the Border collie and the German shepherd dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and deafness which are two traits that are likely to be passed onto a German shepherd Border collie mix. Border collie dogs are also prone to epilepsy, however, there is no evidence that this genetic disorder is passed onto the mixed breed. Anyone looking to purchase a German shepherd Border collie mix should check with reputable breeders and examine the breeding stock. This mixed breed will typically give birth to a litter of 4-6 puppies. This dog has an average life expectancy of 13-15 years.

german shepherd border collie mixLiving conditions:
As this is a big dog with lots of energy small enclosed living conditions are not ideal. This dog takes up a lot of space and due to its high energy levels it needs to have space to run freely on a daily basis. A large fenced backyard is ideal for this dog so it can play and run around at its own free will. As it has a hunting nature, it is likely that this dog will chase anything that moves from squirrels, to cats and even birds.

This large dog is full of energy and likes to run and play. It needs to be exercised twice a day and let off the leash in a large grassy area to run around. This mixed breed is highly intelligent as the Border collie is the most intelligent breed of dogs with the German shepherd coming in closely behind. It is easy to teach this dog tricks and a good way of exercising this agile dog is to play fetch.

These dogs shed their coats twice a year, however, due to the long nature of their coats they need to be brushed twice weekly. Their coats are shiny and need constant brushing to maintain its shine. Extra care needs to be taken when the undercoat is shedding as this dog has particularly sensitive skin. Only bathe this dog when necessary.

This mixed breed can be a perfect family dog as it is known to be both affectionate and protective. However, with its high energy levels and playful nature sometimes they can be a little rough. It is necessary to socialize these dogs well, slowly introducing them to familiar people. As they are easy to train socializing should not be an issue. This dog needs a lot of attention and it is recommended to have someone close to the dog most of the time. Both the German shepherd and Border collie are dogs with hunting and herding natures, therefore this mixed breed would also suit farmers and hunters who are looking for reliable working dogs.

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