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Side view action shot - A black and tan shepherd dog running across grass.

The American Alsatian is a large-breed companion dog. Its coat is medium in length and can be either gold, silver, black sable or cream. Silver sable coloring is the most desirable. White or black sable markings are extremely rare. The eyes range from light brown to yellow and are almond shaped with a wolfish stare. The ears stand erect and the black-tipped tail hangs down touching the pasterns. The head and hips are broad with a strong, dark muzzle. The toes are slightly splayed and the bones on the leg are large and round. The chest is deep and the body is longer than tall.

Close up head shot - A black and tan shepherd dog with golden eyes wearing a choke chain collar looking happy with its tongue hanging out.Temperament

The American Alsatian is a great family companion dog. They are extremely loyal to their family members and accept children and other pets. The American Alsatian remains aloof to strangers, but is never fearful or aggressive. They are watchful and intelligent, learn quickly and will respond to the softest sounds. With the proper amount of exercise the American Alsatian is extremely calm and quiet, even when left alone for extended periods of time. They do not initiate play unless encouraged. This breed tends to have a low prey drive and activity level. They do not have a tendency to bark, whine, dig or run the fence. They respond well to light correction. Thunderstorms or gun shots do not bother them. Because the American Alsatian is very attached to its family, they readily choose to stay close to the comfort of home. Socialize well. Be sure to always be your dog’s consistent pack leader.

Side view - A black and tan shepherd dog standing in sand and looking to the right.Height, Weight

Height: Adult Males 25 - 28 inches (63.5 - 71 cm) Adult Females 24 - 27 inches (61 - 68.5 cm)

Weight: Adult Males 79 - 120 pounds (36 - 55 kg) Adult Females 75 - 100 pounds (34 - 45 kg)

Health Problems

In 2009, one dog had epileptic seizures. The founder is urging all owners of dogs from Beamer lines to immediately report any signs of epilepsy. No other health problems have been experienced since 2003, when two dogs experienced severe arthritis.

Living Conditions

The American Alsatian adapts well to many living environments. This breed does not require a lot of space. They do have thick double coats and do not like extreme heat. Be careful to keep these dogs cool in hot environments, giving them plenty of water and shade.

Front view - A black and tan shepherd dog standing at the edge of the ocean waves with its long tongue hanging out.Exercise

The American Alsatian is calm and quiet throughout most of the day. This breed does not require as much exercise as the German Shepherd but still needs a daily walk. They love to go for walks in the park, but are slow and lumbering when asked to work. They prefer the calm work of therapy dogs.

Life Expectancy

An average of 12 - 14 years.

Litter Size

About 5 to 12 puppies


The American Alsatian needs regular brushing around the ears and the backs of the legs. They shed dirt easily and their coats remain free from odor. Once or twice a year, depending on the weather, the American Alsatian will need to be brushed out when the undercoat comes loose and they start to shed.


As of February 21, 2010, the official name of this breed has been changed from Alsatian Shepalute to American Alsatian. It was changed by the board and approved by the members.

Two large American Alsatian dogs laying down in the back hatch of a red SUV A black with tan shepherd type dog laying in grass with a chunk of raw meat in front of it. There is a line of bushes behind it. A black with tan shepherd type dog laying in grass with one paw on a sidewalk and a chunk of raw meat in front of it. A black with tan shepherd type dog laying in grass with a chunk of raw meat in front of it looking to the right.

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