Shepherd mix breeds

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler mix

Where Does This Breed Come From?

Australian Shepherd Mixes make great companions. They are increasingly becoming popular today for their friendly demeanor and energetic personas. Despite its name, the breed originates from Western US and not Australia. It is believed that the dog was bred around the time of the Gold Rush in 1840s.

Special care must be taken while breeding dogs. Many irresponsible breeders have simply jumped on the trend to breed puppies but do not take the required measures to ensure their welfare since they are only interested in earning money.


The Australian Shepherd is an energetic breed that is a beautiful sight to see. Intelligent and hardworking, the breed is capable of completing any task that it has been assigned. Dog owners must thus find ways to keep their pets busy at all times. The highly energetic dog does do not like lazing around and requires plenty of exercise.

If you are interested in competitive sports, the Australian Shepherd Mix is most certainly the dog breed for you. The medium-sized and agile dog is a top candidate in all levels of obedience, flyball, herding tests and agility. Additionally, his heritage of a herding dog makes the Australian Shepherd Mix a loyal companion to have around the house.


By nature, the Australian Shepherd Mix is loyal to their family but may come across as aloof to strangers. These dogs require early socialization and need to be exposed to new people and surroundings from an early age. Socialization ensures the puppy grows into a friendly well-rounded dog. Dog owners may consider puppy kindergarten classes or simply devote time to the dog by taking him for regular strolls around the park or introducing him to neighbors.

The happy, easy-going dogs retain their friendly demeanor even in their adult years. The intelligent and keen dog breed makes a good watchdog for their house. Australian Shepherds are great with children and are naturally protective about their owners and friends. Australian Shepherds are quite easy to train and are generally quite affectionate pets.

However, keep in mind the breed has the tendency to get bored quite easily, hence they require tons of attention and mental stimulation in the form of exercise and playtime. If left alone for several hours, the Aussies are prone to exhibit several behavioral problems.


It is recommended you feed your pet at least 1.5 to 2.5 cups of high quality dog food every day, divided into two meals. The amount of food and nutrition your pet requires depends on their age, metabolism, level of activity and build.

Encourage good eating habits instead of leaving out food for your dog to eat whenever they want. Excess feeding can lead to obesity which can cause a number of health problems. Keep your pet in good shape by measuring his food and if you are unsure about whether or not he is getting enough nutrients, take him to the vet.


In order to stay in shape, the energetic working dog requires several hours of vigorous exercise. Australian Shepherd Mixes need to be taken out for long brisk walks that will keep them mentally and physically fit. The Australian Shepherd is active enough to become your fitness partner for your morning jogs.

If under-exercised, your pet can become restless and destructive. The dog breed is prone to suffering from behavioral issues if left alone for several hours, hence devote at least an hour of your day to exercising your pet.

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